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Natural green colored diamonds are among the rarest of all diamonds. They are so rare that they are usually available only in the museums. Besides, if they are cut into smaller pieces, only a few of them retains the deep green color. Below is a discussion on green diamonds.

Natural Green Color in Diamonds

In majority of green diamonds, the green color of the diamond is confined to the outer surface. Careful planning is necessary while cutting these diamonds if you want to get a diamond with as much of the authentic green shade as possible. Sometimes, the faceting may only allow traces of green to remain near the girdle and the culet. However, this is usually enough to bring a green color throughout the diamond. Such green diamonds display a very subtle shade of green.

Many of the green diamonds display a hint of blue, yellow, or gray. Changes in color tone and saturation could bring pretty huge difference in the price of the gem. The most commonly observed tones are pure green color, strong, or medium saturation. These diamonds are usually categorized as Fancy Vivid or Fancy Intense. As these diamonds are extremely rare, they will get high price.

Formation of Natural-Color Green Diamonds

Diamonds with a natural green color develop while they are buried deep in the ground. Inside, there are rocks that may contain radioactive substances such as thorium or uranium. As they decay, they emit radiation. When this radiation falls on the nearby diamonds, they penetrate them and acquire green shade as a result. When radiation graces the diamonds, the electrons are displaced from their stable lattices and thus, the diamonds pick up the green shade. Due to this, the green shade is found only in the outer surface of the diamond. Diamonds with completely green color are incredibly rare. These are very difficult to find among online diamond dealers.

Treated Green Diamonds

There are methods to change the color of the diamond to green by exposing it to radioactivity. You may find green diamonds with the online diamond retailers, but make sure they disclose that these are treated synthetically. This is because most of the buyers prefer natural color. Further, the synthetically treated green diamonds cost much lesser than the original diamonds. Nowadays, synthetic diamonds with traces of nitrogen and boron were incorporated and you can now get them in the store.

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