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An Overview on Halo Diamond Rings

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Halo Diamond Rings

If you are in search of diamond engagement rings and confused on the setting of the stone, you can go for the halo setting, as it is a really stunning choice for engagement rings. This setting offers much style and sparkle to the center stone.

The important point to note in a halo setting is that you have to choose a center diamond that has an Excellent or Ideal cut. If you are planning to buy real diamonds online, make sure that you purchase the same from a reputable online diamond dealer.

The halo design adds brilliance to the setting and makes the center diamond appear brighter and larger. Owing to the romantic vintage look of the setting, and because the halo of the accent diamonds making the centre stone to appear larger, the halo setting is much sought after these days. Many couples are also attracted to double halos, halos around compass point settings, and floral detail halos. Some of the round halo engagement rings are called cluster engagement rings too, as it is in a group of stones that are set together.

The simplicity and the geometrical look of the round halo engagement ring make it a perfect choice for the buyers who are looking to have an engagement ring that looks expensive, without opting for complex designs. Round halo engagement rings are also as classic as the solitaires.

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo settings are designed with a central stone surrounded by many smaller stones. Usually, the smaller stones are also diamonds. The square diamonds or the concentric circles make the centre diamond in the halo setting appear more brilliant and larger. Commonly the halo setting is paired with pavé setting. However, it can also stand on its own with a simple band that is unadorned. In a double halo setting, there are two concentric circles of stones around the centre stone.

Halo engagement rings usually have two different setting types. The center stone is set with a prong style or a claw setting and can be double or single claws. You might also find halo engagement rings with a bezel setting in which the metal will perfectly surround the diamond. In a micro pave setting, smaller diamonds are set as halo down to the shank of the band or the ring. The most popular option for halo setting is brilliant cut round diamonds; however, other cuts are also gaining much popularity these days.

Why Choose Halo Engagement Ring

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People usually choose a halo engagement ring because the surrounding stones will boost the appearance and brilliance of the center stone. It is possible to create the sparkle of a larger stone with a small center diamond and halo setting. A halo engagement ring can be an appealing option if you are on a tight budget. You may also design the halo with colored stones to offer a contrast in color.

Of course, halo is a popular engagement ring setting and offers a really classic look, which can feature any diamond shape. You can find round cut halo rings, cushion cut halo rings, pear shaped halo rings, and oval halo rings.

Pros and Cons of a Halo Setting

All the types of diamond settings have their advantages and disadvantages. Halo engagement rings are very beautiful choices and come in many designs and shapes indeed, but they do have a few disadvantages as well. The pros and cons of this ring setting are discussed below.


  • Accentuate the appearance and size of the center diamond.
  • Smaller stones in the halo enhance the overall sparkle of the ring.
  • Holds and protect the center stone securely.
  • Can complement many diamond shapes.
  • Can be easily personalized with colored gems.
  • Round halo settings suits all hands, as the halo is likely to take up much of the top of the band and can match all types of hands.
  • Round halo engagement rings are very romantic, as the side perspectives exhibit awesome design touches.


  • Smaller center stones can become loose over time.
  • It will be difficult to resize with a pave halo setting due to the presence of small stones in the band.
  • Arranging a halo ring is a pressured task. To have the desired appearance, you will have to match the colors of all the stones. A single stone, which is not matched correctly, can ruin the look of the engagement ring.
  • Some of the halo rings are not good for wedding rings, as you might be looking for wedding ring that is shaped around the curve of the halo.
  • It is difficult to make a halo engagement ring without compromising the natural brilliance of the stone. As the stones come in varying sizes, it is important to arrange them to let light pass through them at a particular angle, meaning that some of the visual touch might be lost by a misaligned diamond.

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