About Us

Imagine taking your sweetheart out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, listening to someone playing a violin, swirling and sipping fine wine, and feeling, “this is the right time to propose”. You would need a ring to match the occasion, but sadly, for most people, getting that is the hardest part.

An engagement ring is (ideally) a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Even otherwise, it is a significant thing, no matter how good a deal you stand to get on it. The majority of a ring’s worth is based on the emotion you attach to it, which is why it is normal to desire something beautiful for your sweetheart to wear. Since every buyer thinks that way, it can be hard to find something truly worth paying for; when you do get several options, they could easily form a range wide enough to confuse you almost immediately. In short, there are plenty of things which can keep you from a good purchase, unless you know how to pick out the essentials right away.

That kind of knowledge is exactly what we offer. Knowing about diamonds in general is good for a start; being familiar with the various cuts, setting, band metals, and designs is even better. If you are buying a diamond ring, you may as well do it properly. We help you with that by providing a stream of useful tips and insights that assist in comparing what you see at a store, or on a website.

For instance, the prong setting is famed for the way it secures the center stone on a ring. Several prongs or metal bits are arranged surrounding the gem, holding it tightly in place so that it does not come off. For someone who desires that benefit and prefers it over showiness, this is the best option to go with. Others may prefer settings which better showcase the ring’s shine, which generally means going with an alternative choice of setting. Based on another preference, you might choose a whole other stone setting for your own engagement ring.

We lay it all out for you in an easily understandable way, so that you can buy something you like, and comfortably stick with your choice afterwards. Like everything else, a ring is only as good as the value you are willing to give it; we are here to help you make the most of that fact though smart jewelry buying.

January 10, 2019