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Tips to Save Money on your Wedding Ring

Best Wedding Rings
Wedding Ring Tips

Buying a wedding ring is always an expensive process, especially if it is a diamond ring. If you are not careful, it can drain your pocket. But the good news is that you can save a considerable amount of money on your wedding ring if you act wisely. Following are some useful tips that will help you to buy the best wedding rings at affordable rates. You might also like to know the popular diamond sizes. To know these sizes, click

Buy Synthetic Diamonds Instead of Natural Ones

Synthetic diamonds or lab-grown diamonds (diamonds that are developed inside a laboratory under controlled conditions) are less costly when compared to their natural counterparts. You can save 10-20% of the money you spend on the diamond by buying these man-made diamonds instead of natural ones.

Synthetic diamonds are similar to natural diamonds in chemical and physical properties. Therefore, it is impossible to distinguish between natural and synthetic diamonds with a naked eye. They will also have good quality when compared to natural stones. Hence, you can get good wedding rings for a cheaper price if you choose synthetic diamonds over natural stones.

Buy a Cluster of Smaller Stones Instead of a Solitaire Ring

Diamonds with bigger size are rare; hence, they will be really costly. Therefore, a ring with a big center stone will be highly expensive. If you want to save money, you can choose a cluster of smaller stones instead of solitaire with a large diamond. The cluster will appear like a big stone and they will also produce great sparkle and brilliance.

Save on Carat Weights

Diamonds with full carat weights like 1 carat, 2 carats, etc., will be more expensive as they are rare. So if you choose a diamond that lies between the full carat weights, you can save a significant amount of money. For example, if you buy a diamond with 0.92 carats, then it will be very cheap than a 1 carat diamond, but there won’t be any notable difference in the appearance.

Give Importance to Stone’s Cut

Cut of a diamond is an important factor that determines the value of the stone. If the cut is good the diamond will produce more sparkle and brilliance. This high brilliance of the stone will be helpful in hiding many of its imperfections like blemishes or inclusions etc. Therefore, even if you go for a stone with less clarity, if the cut is proper, then it will not affect the beauty of your stone. Hence, you can save a lot of money on the clarity of your diamond.

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