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It is really hard to find a person who can resist the charisma of colored diamonds, especially the vivid-hued ones. Note that natural fancy colored diamonds are available in all the rainbow colors. Out of these, one of the most coveted options is blue diamonds. The rarity and beauty of these blue beauties add to their popularity. In fact, most of the popular diamonds in history are blue such as the Hope diamond, the Heart of Eternity, Blue Moon, etc. These gorgeous stones are shrouded with utmost elegance and mystery.

Blue diamonds are often associated with characteristics such as elegance, royalty, prestige, and mystery. Furthermore, blue diamond rings will be really expensive because of their rarity. However, you may opt to buy diamonds online in order to get the best bargain. Make sure that you are shopping from a credible online diamond store so that you do not get scammed or ripped off. Note that it is important to have in-depth knowledge about blue diamond’s before making your purchase. After all, you will be probably making the purchase of a lifetime.

How Blue Diamonds Got its Color

The diamonds get their color mainly as a result of the presence of various minerals in their atomic structure. When it comes to blue diamonds, they got their spectacular color because of the presence of boron atoms during the formation. Note that boron minerals are so rare that only 0.001% of boron minerals are available on the earth crust. This is the reason behind the rarity of blue diamonds. It is worth noting that the intensity of blue diamonds tends to go high with the number of boron atoms present in the stone. Of course, dark blue-colored diamonds will be more valuable. You may find some blue diamonds with secondary hues like grey. Greenish blue diamonds are formed as a result of the irradiation process and the presence of nitrogen impurities in the stone’s structure. Similarly, the presence of hydrogen atoms gives a grayish undertone to blue diamonds. You will find blue diamonds in the market in a variety of cuts and emerald cut is very common among these diamonds. It won’t be difficult for you to find a blue emerald cut diamond.

Why Choose a Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

The main reason that makes blue diamonds an excellent choice for engagement rings is its eye-catchiness and value. Apart from that, blue diamonds symbolize many ethical values such as faithfulness, passion, loyalty, etc. These attributes make blue diamond engagement rings a superior option to mark the beginning of an eternal relationship with your partner. Furthermore, blue diamonds are resistant to scratches and are unbelievably durable making it a good daily wear choice. In case you find it hard to afford a blue diamond engagement ring, you may go for treated or color enhanced diamond rings.

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