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Brilliant Tips for Buying Princess Cut Diamonds

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The cut of a diamond is one of the most important parameters that affect its visual appeal. Note that the princess diamond cut is one of the most sought after options after the round brilliant diamond cut. Unsurprisingly, most couples are considering this regal option to spruce up their special day. If this trend continues, the requirement for princess cut diamonds is likely to outnumber the round brilliant ones. The princess diamond cut is characterized by a fascinating square silhouette and angled corners. The facets of princess cut diamonds are organized compact and close in order to showcase maximum brilliance.

Small wonder that princess cut diamonds are also known as modified brilliants. Without any doubts, princess cut diamonds will be a captivating option for your engagement and wedding rings. However, the chances for you to get scammed or ripped off are higher while buying diamonds from online retailers. So, you may refer to the following princess cut diamond buying tips even if you are choosing your sparkler from a reputed online diamond store.

The Price

The main factor that attracts you towards online diamond shopping would be the discount deals on gemstones. Some online diamond shopping websites may advertise about selling princess cut diamonds at a cheaper rate when compared to round brilliants. Note that the cost of a princess cut diamond will be cheaper than that of its round counterpart. Hence, never fall for such traps. However, princess cut diamonds are comparatively costlier than other fancy cut diamonds.

The Clarity

One of the main highlights of the princess diamond cut is the brilliance and sparkle it offers to the diamond. As a result, the inclusions and other flaws in the stone will be less evident. It is to be noted that you can rarely find a princess cut diamond that features a clarity grade less than SI1. It is recommended to go for the options VS1, VS2, and SI1 if you are looking for a princess diamond that is visually flawless. However, make sure that your diamond does not have even a slight inclusion at its corners, which are the weak spots of princess cut diamonds. Otherwise, your diamond is likely to get chipped, scratched, or damaged quickly.

The Color

While choosing a princess cut diamond, make sure to choose the ones that are devoid of yellow color tints. Note that almost every credible online diamond store employs a 40X magnifier so that the customers can analyze the diamonds well. So, look at the diamonds through an online magnifier and shortlist some princess cut diamonds. Make sure to omit G, H, I, and J color grades during the process since it features some color tints. At the same time, princess cut diamonds are perfect to mask slight color tints and hence, even mediocre princess cut diamonds will look visually colorless. You may go for these options to get the best bang for your bucks. After all, there is no use in spending money on the things that you cannot see.

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