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The color of diamonds is one of the most important factors that you must consider while choosing your sparklers. In fact, it is counted amongst one of the 4 C’s. Now, most buyers will be thinking about how they can choose a diamond color grade that offers the best value for their money. In other words, how low can u go with the diamond color grade without affecting its visual appeal?

Actually, there is no clear cut answer for this since it depends on many other factors such as the color of metal settings that you choose, the shape and cut of your gemstone, etc. Yet choosing the ideal color grade is really important when you plan to buy diamond rings online since you cannot evaluate it for real on online diamond stores.

The Best Color Grade

The most popular color grade for diamonds range from D to F, and the colorless diamonds falls in this window. If you have a flexible budget, you may choose any of these diamonds. On contrary, if you are looking for something that will look absolutely stunning at an affordable price, it is better to choose diamonds within the G to J color grade range.

Many studies claim that I and J color grades are perfect to showcase a better scintillation and transparency. Plus, you can hardly spot any difference between these options and their G and H counterparts. The diamonds with I and J color grades are comparatively less expensive as well.

Diamond Ring Settings

It is a known thing that diamonds tend to adopt color from its metal ring setting. In other words, the color of the same grade diamonds set on a gold and platinum ring mounting will be different as they pick up the color shade of their metal setting.

In the former setting, the gemstones will showcase a slightly yellowish hue. When it comes to platinum or white gold settings, diamonds will be extremely luminescent. You can save a good share of your bucks if you choose the diamond colors that are ideal for your metal setting.

Diamond Shapes

The color show of gemstones may vary with their diamond shapes as well. Note that different diamond shapes feature various faceting pattern and proportions. As a result, some diamond shapes tend to show off their color to the fullest and some do not.

Round diamonds are the best options this case since it is least vulnerable to exposing its color, whereas fancy diamond shapes such as princess cut, Asscher, and emerald are likely to show off their color in a medium range. Hence, it is better to choose a color grade higher than its round counterparts. Elongated diamonds are really vulnerable to displaying their body color. So, you will have to choose better diamond grades in this case.

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