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The main thing that couples often look for in their diamond engagement rings is a romantic appeal. After all, it defines the eternal love between you and your partner. Note that no other diamond shapes can offer this appeal as beautifully and emphatically as heart diamonds. Needless to say, the heart shape is always regarded as the symbol of love and passion.

Heart diamonds feature one of the eye-catching modern fancy diamond shapes, which was originated in the 1900’s. The main attraction of heart diamonds, apart from their shape, is their precise cut that offers an incredible light performance. The 58 number of facets in the gemstone effectively contribute to this light effect. Surely, a heart diamond engagement ring will be a unique buy and help you to stand apart from the crowd on your big day.

There are mainly two options when it comes to buying heart diamond rings: buying at a local jewelry shop or buying it online. Of course, people tend to go with the latter option because of the convenience associated with it. However, there are certain points that you must consider especially when you buy your heart diamond rings online. Some of those important factors are given below.

Never Compromise on its Symmetry

Symmetry is the key factor that gives a heart diamond its captivating appeal. That is, one-half of your heart diamond must be the mirror image of its counterpart. Even a slight error in the heart shape will be highlighted well and it may ruin the overall appeal of your diamond. Furthermore, there must be a precise cleft between the two sides of the heart shape. The gracefully rounded wings are also a highlight of heart diamonds. Hence, only buy heart diamond rings online after looking for these factors thoroughly through the magnifier.

Check the Length to Width Ratio

It is a known thing that the external appeal of every fancy shaped diamond is mainly determined by its length to width ratio. The LTW of a heart diamond is 1.00; the stones that come with LTW lower than 0.95 will look wider and the ones with LTW higher than 1.05 will appear elongated. Usually, wider stones are preferred for heart diamond rings. However, the LTW of heart diamonds is totally up to the personal preference of the wearer.

The Carat Weight of Heart Diamonds

The diamonds with carat weight 1 and more will be perfect to display the unique cut and beauty of heart diamonds. In case you go for a smaller diamond, its main characteristics such as the perfect symmetry, precise cleft, rounded wings, etc., will not be perfectly portrayed. Rather, such diamonds will look like round ones when viewed from a distance.

The Bow Tie Effect

Almost every fancy diamond shape is prone to the bow tie effect. In this phenomenon, the light entering the diamond will be trapped within and its shadows will create some darker regions inside the diamonds. Interestingly, the bow tie can add to the value of some diamonds. However, if the bow tie effect in the stone is severe, it will definitely ruin the overall visual beauty of the diamond. Sadly, this imperfection will not be documented in the diamond grading report, so it is better to contact your online diamond dealer directly and verify about the same.

Color Grade

The unique cut of heart shaped diamond makes it prone to display even the slight tint of color. This explains why colored heart diamonds are really popular. When it comes to colorless diamonds, it is better to choose heart stones with a color grade in between D to F for better look and brilliance. Yet again, colorless heart diamond rings will be really expensive. Besides, you can compromise a bit on the color grade of diamonds if you opt to set them on colored metal such as yellow gold, rose gold, etc. On the other hand, metal options such as white gold and platinum tend to highlight the color tints in the diamonds.

Pro tip: Always go for reputed online diamond retailers for your jewelry purchases. Make sure that they are in the field for at least a decade or so, and that you can contact them in the future as well for your diamond ring maintenance, repairs, upgrading, etc. In addition, ensure that all the diamonds that they sell are certified by reputed laboratories, such as the GIA or the AGS.

Most importantly, choose online diamond retailers who display the real photo of diamonds on their site rather than the stock photos. You can also contact the technical team before making your purchase in order to ensure that all the details given on the site are credible.

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