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Choosing the Style While Designing a Custom Engagement Ring

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Custom Engagement Ring Designs

Having a definite style in mind for your diamond ring will help you choose the best design elements when you design your own custom engagement ring. There are options to help you create a classic or an ultra modern diamond ring. Hence, think about the features you want in your diamond ring beforehand. Each feature will require specific elements. Once you are clear about your requirements, you can go about compiling your ring without much confusion. Below are a few options available to you that will dictate the style of your custom engagement ring.


The solitaire style displays a simple design. It features a single stone with no side stones on display. This setting attracts attention by virtue of the shape of the stone and the metal used on the ring. Overall, it is a simple yet powerful style for your diamond ring.

Side Stones

In case you want to add more glitter than what your center stone brings, you can go with side stones. These complement the center stone and make the ring more attractive.


A Halo setting has stones featured all around the center stone, thereby creating a halo around the stone. You can choose a central stone of your choice. Besides, you can also add smaller stones along the band to make it more interesting by getting the diamond online.

Three Stone

A three stone ring has a center stone flanked by smaller stones on both sides. This will make the ring look more attractive. It also creates an illusion that the center stone is larger. Further, you can also add more stones like accent stones to add more charm to it.


The heirloom or vintage style is yet another great option for your rings. They may be new but they put on an antique look. You can acquire these diamond rings online as well.

The setting you choose also dictates the final look of your diamond ring. Below are some of the most interesting and popular settings you can pick.


Prong setting comprises of small claw-like prongs to hold the stones to the rings. This allows maximum light to enter the diamond and helps increase the brightness.


In this, the band catches the ring in such a way to give a suspended effect. Both ends of the band give sufficient tension to hold the diamond in position. This helps to display a major portion of the diamond. It is also considered a modern style owing to the precise crafting it takes to make it.

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