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Common Forms of Treatments Used On Diamonds

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Diamond stones are formed naturally and for the same reason, it can vary a lot in terms of quality. The variation in the quality of diamonds can affect the value of diamonds greatly – stones that have inclusions and blemishes will only have lesser value than other diamonds. This is the reason why most jewelers are using advanced technologies for improving diamond quality. The treatment of diamonds is beneficial in improving the color and clarity of the diamonds. 

It is very important to know whether the diamonds you are going to buy are rightly treated. You will have to verify if the diamonds are natural and untreated, or if they have undergone artificial treatment methods while buying them from online stores. Jewelers should disclose the information about different methods of treatment that are done on the diamonds, and you can avoid paying a huge price for a treated diamond. 

Diamond treatments are mainly used to improve the overall quality of the stone, and also to eliminate the blemishes and inclusions. It is also adopted to change the color of the diamonds. While some of the treatments are done permanently, others are not done permanently. Here are some of the most chosen treatment forms for diamonds. 

Clarity Treatments

Clarity treatments are specifically designed to improve the quality of the diamond stones. Most such treatments are been widely accepted in the diamond industry and are listed as follows. 

Fracture Filling

Fracture filling type of treatment is adopted for filling fractures and cracks that are present on the diamonds. It uses a glass-like material that has optical properties that are alike diamonds. This type of treatment can enhance the overall appearance of the stone by two clarity scales. But, this is not a permanent treatment mode. 

Diamond stones that have undergone fracture filling can be identified while buying a diamond online as the changing of its color and flashes are visible under good lighting. It would also have a cracked appearance or bubbles present inside the stone. 

Laser Drilling

This is a technique which is been used to lessen the visibility of inclusions on the diamond. A microscopic hole would be drilled on the diamond to reach inclusions present in the diamond. A small area of the diamond would then be heated until it gets evaporates and forms a tunnel or tube to reach the inclusions. After reaching the inclusions, it would be washed away with the use of some acids. This method helps in making the inclusions less visible. 

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