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Differences between Black Diamonds and Black Sapphires

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Black gemstones were always known for their sophistication. These gemstones have a unique capability to add an unexpected element to the jewelry. Choosing a black gemstone for your jewelry makes it look both desirable and mysterious. This really would be a wonderful jewelry option. Rings featuring a black gemstone are now becoming very popular as more and more people are looking forward to more unique and modern jewelry designs and styles. You would be able to find it in both online diamond stores and local stores.

There are a number of options to choose from if you are planning on buying a black gemstone. However, the ones that are regarded to the best of all black gemstones are black diamonds and black sapphire. What is so fascinating here is that most of the people are unaware of the availability of the black varieties of diamonds and sapphires. Below are some interesting things to know about black diamonds and black sapphires.

Black Diamonds and Black Sapphires

Black sapphire and black diamonds are different from other colored stones as they were not always used in jewelry, as everyone considered them to be low-grade gemstones. Nevertheless, all these prejudices came to an end by the 1990’s; this is the time when the black diamond trend rose to popularity. This hype in popularity was mostly due to the clever tactics in marketing and because many expert jewelry designers started incorporating black diamonds to their designs during this time.

The black sapphires, even though they were not as prestigious as black diamonds, were still a popular stone variety then. The black sapphires, however, were not of high value and were chosen as a second option to black diamonds.

Use in Jewelry

Black diamonds are composed of graphite and amorphous carbon. This diamond variety is commonly called carbonados. The black color here is due to the inclusion of a large volume of graphite impurities in the stone. Interestingly, naturally occurring black diamonds are pretty rare; they are usually found in Brazil and Central Africa.

The appearance and durability of sapphires and diamonds made them the top picks of all gemstones used in jewelry. Black diamonds are also regarded to be the toughest variety among all other diamond varieties. This is mainly due to its compact composition. They are graded for color from Fancy Black to Faint Gray and Solid Black. Black diamonds that are evenly saturated are the most desired of them all.

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