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You may have to consider numerous factors when choosing a diamond ring such as its setting, quality, fitting, whether or not it suits your style and personality, etc. Out of these, one of the most important factors that you must never overlook is fit of the ring. It is to be noted that you must always choose a ring size that fits perfectly on your finger. However, you cannot find an exact size ring because your finger size tends to change frequently based on different elements. Some of those factors include the weather, food you eat, type of job you do, etc.

So, the key is to choose a ring size that will be comfortable on your finger most of the time. Furthermore, the best time to choose a ring is mid to late noon because your fingers will be at its largest size during this time. Sometimes, this task tends to get a bit overwhelming, especially if you have disproportioned fingers like skinny fingers and large knuckles. It is better to seek help from reputed diamond retailers for this. In fact, almost every physical and online diamond store tends to employ professionals to help out their customers with such issues these days.

Another issue that you may encounter in this case is bigger fingers. Unfortunately, most diamond jewelry stores tend to sell only regular or moderate-sized diamond rings. However, there is a decent range of plus size diamond ring designs available in the market nowadays. Note that plus size diamond rings are designed to fit the fingers that are bigger than average.

The plus-size diamond rings are usually denoted by adding a plus sign along with its size. For instance, if a person is looking for a diamond ring that is a bit larger than size Z, a Z+ diamond ring will be perfect. Depending on the size of your finger, you may choose Z+1, Z+2, Z+3, etc. According to some studies, Z+8 size is the maximum ring size purchased by most people. Note that the size denotations are not global and hence, tend to change with the diamond ring jewelers that you consider.

Besides, you must be very choosy when it comes to selecting the center stone of your plus size diamond rings. It is worth noting that the size of diamonds tends to appear smaller when set on larger bands. In fact, diamonds that are smaller than 0.30 carats will be incredibly dwarfed by its larger bands. Hence, always consider medium-sized or larger diamonds when designing a plus-size diamond ring. The standard diamond size for plus size rings is 0.70 carat. In case you find it hard to afford a solitaire of 0.70 Ct or more, you may consider a cluster of diamonds that create an illusion of a bigger solitaire. This will be way more affordable than the former option.

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