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Everything you Need to Know about Red Diamonds

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Red diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world. They were discovered from the diamond mines in Australia, Brazil, and Africa. These diamonds are so rare that only a fistful amount of red diamonds have ever been found in the entire world. Despite these facts you would be able to buy a cheaper lab-grown red diamond online.

Formation of the Stone

The main component with which all diamonds are made of is highly organized carbon. When these carbon atoms come together without any imperfections or alterations a colorless diamond would be formed. However, if there are some imperfections at the time of chemical bonding it would result in the red colored stone. The most common fancy diamonds like yellow diamonds get their color from the traces of nitrogen present in it during its formation, and the blue diamonds get their color with the presence of boron.  

Red Color in Red Diamonds

The red diamond, unlike yellow or blue diamond, does not get its color from the presence of traces of foreign elements during the time of its formation. The red diamonds just as in the case of colorless diamonds are made out only of carbon atoms. The diamond gets its color from the small deformity that is present in the carbon atoms crystal lattice. As light passes through this diamond it would bend forming a red colored reflection.

Grading the Red Diamonds

Another interesting thing regarding this diamond is the way it is graded. It is not possible to grade the red diamonds in the same way as that of any other colored diamond. Since the red diamonds are regarded to be falling towards the end of the pink spectrum of diamonds, they are extremely saturated and cannot be equated with the red-pink or dark pink. Even though most colored diamonds are graded based on the intensity of colors they exhibit, the red colored diamond only falls under the Fancy Red.

Lab-grown and Enhanced Red Diamonds

Lab-grown, unlike natural diamonds, is created by various artificial methods.  These diamonds are less expensive, conflict-free and also environment-friendly. They are environmental friendly in the sense; they are made from controlled conditions in the laboratory and not by destroying the ecosystem. On the other hand, the enhanced red diamonds are created by treating the diamond by irradiation. This is a process that helps in changing the color and intensity of the diamond.

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