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Getting A Pear-Shaped Diamond

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Pear-shaped diamonds are adored by brides for their unique and elegant shape. With their teardrop shape, pear-cut diamonds create a mesmerizing option for your engagement rings. However, getting a pear diamond of high quality can be extremely difficult. So if you have your mind set on getting this particular diamond shape, some of the important things you have to notice are mentioned below:

Pros Of Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds have an eye-catching shape that makes them the center of attention. It can be a unique option when compared to the traditional round brilliants because of their distinct shape.

In addition to their stunning shape, pear diamonds have several other advantages over traditional round brilliants. The elongated shape of this particular diamond shape offers it a bigger appearance than many other diamond shapes of equal carat weights. Therefore, it can be a mesmerizing choice for people who prefer bigger diamonds for their engagement rings.

Pear diamonds are also less costly than round brilliants. It is found that this diamond costs 10-30% lower than a round diamond of the same carat weight. Also, you can save an additional amount on these stones by buying a pear diamond online.

Additionally, pear diamonds can be a stunning choice for people with elongated fingers, as they can complement their fingers in a spectacular way.

Pear-shaped diamonds are highly versatile and they can be suitable for a wide variety of ring settings. This shape can be especially good for vintage and classic ring designs.

Another advantage of pear-cut diamonds is that you can customize the ring by choosing to set them in different directions. They can be worn tip up or down or in east-west settings.

Cons Of Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Even though pear-shaped diamonds have a lot of advantages, there are some drawbacks associated with this diamond shape too. The pointed tip of pear diamonds makes them vulnerable to chipping. So be careful to choose settings that can protect the pointed tip of your pear diamond.

Also, finding a pear diamond with high cut quality can be difficult. As the cut quality of these diamonds won’t be graded by gemological labs, you will have to inspect these stones yourself to find out a good one. Make sure to compare different pear-cut diamonds to determine the cut quality of these stones when buying loose diamonds online.

Pear diamonds also tend to show the bowtie effect which involves a visible dark shadow inside the stone. Therefore, when getting pear diamonds, make sure that they are free of this effect.

Also, you have to analyze the symmetry of pear-cut diamonds before getting one, as the symmetry of these stones can have a great impact on their appeal.

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