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Diamond sparkle is one of the most desired qualities when purchasing the gemstone. The spectacular lights make diamonds so valuable and sought after. However, getting diamond rings online with the highest sparkle requires some knowledge of the same and some expertise as well. Below are a few things to remember if you want to get a diamond with the maximum sparkle.

The Reason behind Diamond Sparkle

The main reason behind a diamond’s sparkle is the interaction of light with the diamond cut. The quality of the cut determines how the light reacts after reaching the surface of the stone. If the cut quality, the angles, and the relative measurement of the diamond’s facets are precise, you can expect a stunningly brilliance from the gemstone.

While sparkle is the general term used to describe the visual effect of light’s interaction with the diamond, it is just a signature term used to describe the big picture. There are two possibilities after the light enters a diamond. One is when the light passes through the diamond’s surfaces and then gets reflected off the internal surfaces called facets. This light comes out as the bright light or brightness. The other possibility is when this outbound light is split up into the component colors of light, which are yellow, green, orange, blue, red, and violet. In this case, it is known as fire.

When light leaves a diamond as spectral components, it looks beautiful. When a diamond moves, the effect called scintillation occurs. These are flashes of spectral lights and white colors in contrast of light and dark that fluctuates around the diamond. This contrast is what causes sparkle.

How to Choose a Diamond That Sparkles the Most

Diamond sparkle depends on how the diamond interacts with the surrounding light. Hence, the environment is equally important.

  • Check the Diamond under Different Lights: If you examine the diamond under different lighting conditions, you will get a great idea of how good its sparkle is. First, check the diamond under a spotlight. This will show you the most sparkly areas of the diamond. However, if there are many spotlights, they will reflect all the lights and all diamonds will look alike. Therefore, it is essential to view it under diffused light. You can use a fluorescent light and bounce it against a wall before bringing it on to the diamond. Now, you can mix the diffused as well as spotlighting and then observe the light. Finally, you should observe the diamond under daylight.
  • Examine the Cutting Style: Diamond’s sparkle depends on the number of facets, as it adds to the number of reflective surfaces of the diamond. Therefore, a round brilliant cut diamond with 57 or 58 facets will appear to be the most sparkly diamond. However, if you are interested in other diamond cuts that give fancy profiles, you can choose diamond cuts such as oval, radiant, princess, marquise, and heart
  • Cut Quality is Also Important: If you are unable to tell whether diamond jewellery online is brilliant or not, the GIA report will definitely help. The grading report mentions the grade of the cut by classifying them as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.

An Excellent cut diamond is very bright with a great contrast of light and dark areas. This makes the reflections balanced and clear. It is an indication that the rough diamond was turned into the best possible diamond. A Very Good diamond cut is also an indicator of a great cut with well-distributed bright areas along the crown and other regions. The Good cut grade is not very sharp as there is darkness around the stone. Therefore, it is better to choose the Excellent or Very Good cut grades.

Other Points to Consider

Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better

There is a common myth that diamonds similar proportions, clarity, and color have the same amount of sparkle despite the size difference. There might be a perceivable difference between completely different diamonds. However, since the diamonds fall in a narrow range of size, it does not make a huge difference in the end. Therefore, size is not a big factor when it comes to sparkle.

Good Color and Clarity

It is known to jewelers that the lower the color grade of diamonds in the D-Z scale, the duller it looks. Similarly, there might be an apparent lowering of diamond brightness in SI2 or I clarity diamonds. These will diminish the sparkle of the diamond.

Diamond Sparkle Increases with the Number

The higher the number of diamonds, the better the overall sparkle of the ring will be. This is because all the diamonds in the group react to the oncoming light, and hence, reflect back all of the light. This means you see a very bright sparkle. This is why the pave settings or the side stones of diamonds are very popular.

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