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The ultimate beauty of diamond depends on the cut, color and clarity. Likewise, every woman deserves to have a perfect stone that fits her beauty and attitude. If you are looking to buy the perfect diamond stone for your wedding, then solitaire is the right stone choice. If you are getting hitched this season and if you are a first time diamond buyer, here is a guide to seal your deal. As we all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, makes sure you pick the right stone for her.

Imagine a scenario if you were living a century back, you couldn’t think of getting a solitaire from your beloved when he proposed. But the world has changed; getting your wife a diamond has become customary in every culture.  Nowadays diamonds above 50 (0.50 carats) would only be considered as solitaires. As the number of retailers increased, jewelry makers who came into this business realized, in order to make solitaire available to everyone, the sizes of the solitaires have to be reduced.

The second biggest myth that we often get to hear about diamonds is in their resale value. Diamonds do have a resale value and for it to get the largest worth, exchange it from the jeweler you bought it. When we talk about the shape of the stone, you need to remember that different shapes reflect different color. Hence, your choice of optimal color, balancing the diamond’s appearance with the diamond’s price, will depend on what diamond shape you’ve chosen.

Secondly, they say that cut grade is not important – but, it’s of utmost importance. Cut Quality will also have a notable effect on the price of a diamond. Choosing a cut quality can be tricky, since cut grades are not standardized at all across the different vendors.

One must always understand the grading quality while purchasing a diamond. We should consider only GIA Certified and AGS Certified diamonds for a loose diamond. You should stay away from IGI, EGL, & HRD Certified diamonds. It is mainly due to the factor of instability where we have found in our professional experience that their results cannot be relied upon due to their inconsistency in grading.

Lastly, let’s not forget to make smart choices about symmetry and fluorescence. These will also affect a stone’s value (but not necessarily its appearance) to some degree.

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