Buy Diamonds Online

How to Buy Diamonds Online?

Everything these days is online; starting from social life, work-life, even dating is online. With a boom in e-commerce, more people prefer to buy things online as well. But when it comes to expensive items such as diamonds, people pose many questions about the credibility of their buys. This question above can be addressed with the answers to other questions which will make the picture clearer.

What Are The 4Cs To Authenticate Diamond Quality?

The 4Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight, are the measuring units set by GIA which is universally accepted. The creation of the Diamond 4Cs meant two important things: to make the assessment of the diamond quality universal and to create a benchmark by which anyone will be able to buy diamonds that they can trust.

How To Buy A Diamond Seeing Pictures Online?

For many buyers, real-time experience with the diamond is very important even if they claim to be GIA tested. The 4Cs to access the diamonds in person can create confusion in the minds of online buyers. And, the idea that if they don’t like the diamond can be challenging. The trust between the buyers and the online platform is established with certification and guarantee that their product is 100% authentic.

What If The Discounts Are Unbelievable?

The supplies of diamonds are strictly regulated in the market both in customer’s as well as the merchant point of view. When a buyer is given a high discount for loose diamonds, it only means they are buying a lesser quality diamond which is overpriced which doesn’t qualify to be a bargain but a normal price.

How To Find A Trustworthy Seller Online?

It is important to take as much time as possible to research about each seller before buying diamonds online. Make sure that you are able to contact the seller directly. The major factor to consider is the seller’s expertise in diamonds and their credibility. It is important to access them as knowledgeable, professional and their willingness to answer all of your questions.

Is It Possible To Find A Similar Item At A Lower Price On A Different Site?

All the diamonds that are tested independently by GIA can be compared. If two diamonds that are certified by GIA with a similar specification is found to have a price difference, it may be due to the business factors and item conditions among other reasons.

Is There A Provision To Get A Full Refund?

With all guaranteed sellers, it is a very common factor to have a 100% return policy upon failure to satisfy the consumer. Even after taking as many precautions and raising queries, sometimes the product may not be the same that you expected. The color of the stone might be different or it might not look that good on your neck as you expected, should be returned within a specific period of time in the same condition.

What If There Are Not Enough Pictures Available Of The Item?

It is necessary for the customer to access the product from each and every angle. Hence, you can demand the seller to provide a complete picture of the item. The clarity of the pictures and the angles must be excellent as the buyer will be making the decision based on these pictures.

How To Determine If The Authentication And Certification Are Intact?

A written description should help ease the buying process by providing detailed information and elaborating further on any photos. Measurements should be provided. Gemstones identified. Independent grading reports and/or appraisals should be available to back up descriptions. Provenance or history should be explained. A thorough and transparent process of evaluation is necessary. If the seller claims that the metal is of a certain quality, demand them to show a purity stamp.

When Is A GIA Certification Critical?

When shopping for a diamond online, it’s important that the item comes with an independent diamond grading report. An unbiased report will confirm whether your diamond is a natural diamond and provide clear disclosure of any known treatments to alter its color or clarity. Only consider diamonds independently certified by GIA, as the quality of only one diamond accompanied by this report is considered guaranteed. Put simply, if the diamond is not independently certified you cannot be sure of its quality.

How To Be Sure That The List Price Is A Fair Price?

The best answer is to do as much research as possible over all the prices on different platforms. The price should match your expectations and the trust factor towards a seller. Some sellers might be willing to negotiate the price but always make sure that you are comparing different sellers and the prices before making a choice.

When To Decide If Buying A Diamond Online Is Not A Good Idea?

It is not a good idea if you are buying the diamond on an impulse. Buying any jewelry online can be beneficial if you have leveraged all the sources of information so you can make an educated decision.

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