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How To Buy Diamonds With Impressive Sparkle?

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Choose A Sparkling Diamond
Choose A Sparkling Diamond

The sparkle of diamonds is one of its most important features that contribute to its attractive profile. Sparkle is a common characteristic of diamonds but all diamonds don’t sparkle the same way and that is where a diamond cutter’s expertise comes into play. The cut of the diamond determines the amount of light that enters the diamond and it has a big say in the level of brilliance of the diamond. 

What Are The Tips To Choose A Sparkling Diamond?

As the diamond sparkle is contributed by the interaction of the light with the stone, the cut quality of the diamond, and the environment in which you view it is important. Make sure you examine the diamond under four different sources. Spotlighting is a technique commonly employed to examine sparkling objects. Nonetheless, having too many spotlights or using too bright spotlights will make any diamond look brilliant and there is no point in examining the diamond.

To avoid this scenario, it is important to examine the diamond in an environment where the spotlighting is not overwhelming. Next, examine the diamond in diffused lights, and thirdly, view the diamond in an environment with diffused lighting and spotlighting. Finally, examine the diamond in natural daylight. 

Realize The Importance Of Cutting Style 

The facets of a diamond act as the reflecting surface that scatters the light entering the diamond. More number of facets contribute to the improved brilliance of the diamond. The shape of the diamond is also crucial in determining the diamond’s brilliance. The round cut is known to be the most brilliant diamond shape. 

The Cut Quality Is Important 

If you couldn’t figure out if the brilliance of the diamond is good enough by a visual examination, check the diamond grading report. This is an important step in every diamond purchase and visual examination isn’t just enough. GIA grades diamonds for their cut, clarity, color, and carat size. The GIA cut grade that a diamond belongs to will be one among the five, Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair, and Poor. 

A diamond that belongs to the Excellent cut grade appears very bright and has good contrast between light and dark areas. Because the brilliance of the diamond is influenced by various parameters, it is important to do adequate research before buying diamonds. If you have absolutely no idea about diamonds, we recommend you to get an expert’s help for diamond selection.

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