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Important Factors to Consider while Choosing Fancy Cut Diamonds

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Fancy Cut Diamonds

It will be really hard to find a person, especially a woman who does not like flaunting diamond rings. As a result of their immense popularity, you can find an overwhelming number of both physical and online diamond stores in the city. Furthermore, there is a pool of diamond types to select from making it a daunting task for the buyer. Even though classic diamond designs that define timelessness are always in vogue, most people are steering towards unique and unusual options these days. What will be a better option than fancy cut diamonds for this? Note that fancy cut diamonds include almost every shape other than round. However, there are certain factors that pose a huge impact on your online diamond shopping since fancy cut stones feature several complicated elements. If you are also planning to buy a beautiful diamond ring, below are some of the important points that you must consider.

  • The beauty of fancy cut diamonds can be enhanced using certain diamond ring settings. For a traditional round diamond ring, the prong diamond ring setting will be an incredible option. On the other hand, for fancy cut diamonds, the three stone diamond ring setting will do wonders by accentuating the beauty of these gemstones to the fullest. Professionals recommend flanking fancy cut stones with round accent diamonds so as to highlight the unique and appealing shape of your center diamond. In addition, settings such as the halo, Cathedral, tension, etc., will be perfect for fancy cut diamonds.
  • Appealing fancy cut diamonds such as Asscher, Cushion, emerald, etc., feature long tables and hence, even the slightest inclusion or flaw will be evident. Using light colored metal bands such as platinum, white gold, and silver tend to highlight such flaws. This will become worse with low color grade diamonds. Hence, it’s is better to choose yellow gold metal settings for your fancy cut diamond ring.
  • On the contrary, if your fancy cut stones feature higher color quality, light-colored metal settings will not make much difference. When it comes to fancy cut diamonds like a princess and radiant cut, it boasts complex faceted patterns. This will not only hide the flaws and inclusions in these stones but also makes a perfect combination with bright colored metals. In fact, the reflective properties of these metals contribute to the overall brilliance of diamonds.
  • Fancy cut diamonds will be a stunning option for all the people who love to stand a step ahead of fashion. Plus, it is more environmental-friendly when compared to traditional round diamonds since the rough diamond wastage in the former is comparatively less than the latter.

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