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Is It Safe To Buy Diamond Online?

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Usually people buy diamond as well as diamond engagement or wedding rings from a retail store. But, nowadays there are online vendors and they offer quality diamonds with a bigger selection at affordable price points. So the question faced by prospective buyers is “Should I buy a diamond online?” The answer would be a Yes and there are many advantages to it. This primer will clarify some of the doubts regarding purchasing diamond online.

Is It Reliable?

It is perfectly safe to purchase diamonds online; many reputable jewelry brands have their online stores and there are online diamond retailers. These sites have high quality images and videos of the jewelry, so that you can check its different aspects. Besides, they provide safe and secure shipping with the packages insured. Even after purchasing you need not be worried about returning as they have reliable return policies.

Are They Cheaper?

Buying diamonds online is usually cheaper than buying from a brick and mortar store because of the lack of any physical floor space requirement. Generally, it is 30% to 40% cheaper, and the selection of choices is bigger along with it being much more easier to purchase that suits any budget requirements.

How To Purchase Diamond Online?

Listed below are the steps to purchase diamonds online.

  • Choosing The Vendor: The first step in online purchasing is selecting a reliable vendor and this is the most important part. As mentioned earlier, you can go for the online store of reputable brick and mortar stores. There are also some retailers that specialise only in online selling and finding the right one that sells diamonds at an affordable price can be a daunting task. You cannot go slack on this step as it can affect the quality of the diamond.
  • Verifying The Certificate: After you have selected the vendor, check the certificate that they use to certify diamonds. AGS or GIA certificates are the two most trustworthy certifying labs in the world.
  • Look For The Cut: One of the most important aspects of the 4C’s of any diamond is the cut, as it can affect its brilliance and sparkle. When buying round cut diamonds, as they are one of the most popular cuts, make sure that the table percentage is less than 60% and depth percentage is less than 62.5%.
  • The Clarity: Look at the image or video in detail to notice any blemish or inclusions; and ask to see it in person. 
  • The Color: Most of the high quality diamonds look white, so look at the high quality image or video in detail to notice any yellow or brown tinting.
  • The Carat Weight: After you have selected a beautifully cut, blemish free white diamond, you decide upon the carat weight of the diamond. This decides the final budget of your purchase.

The advantage of buying diamond online is that you can research beforehand, as well as share the details and ask for a second opinion from another expert. 

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