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Is it True That Diamonds are Forever?

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Diamond Ring Facts

There were many superstitions about diamonds since the beginning. They were believed to be the tears of gods and minute pieces of stars, by the Romans and the Greeks. The Hindus even attributed certain power to diamonds and went further in installing them in the eyes of their statues. Some people had a belief that an entire valley in Central Asia is covered with diamonds but that the valley is unapproachable. It was believed to be protected by some powerful birds and snakes.

Diamonds have been used as symbols of success and luck and to challenge the astrological happenings. Some people blindly believed that diamonds could increase their sexual capacity. In the writings of Plato, the renowned philosopher, he has described diamonds as living creatures, which held some divine spirits in them.

With the passing centuries, the understanding of diamonds also changed. Today we live at a time in which we can buy diamonds online. It can be understood from history that until the 15th century, diamonds were restricted to the use by kings. They considered diamonds as the representation of their power, courage, and invincibility. However, later on, the entire scene changed and diamonds started to be recognized as the symbol of love and romance.

The history of the first discovery of diamond is not known, but it is a sure thing that the diamonds around the world until the 18th century, came from the country of India. Beginning from the time of Romans, until the arrival of the Europeans in India (in the 16th century), the commercial relationship of Eastern Asia and Europe flourished. This helped in the growth and flourish of the diamond industry.

In the later years, diamond mines were found in different places around the world and hence diamonds became very popular and common around the world.

The word ‘diamond’ has its origin in two Greek words, ‘Adamas’ and ‘Diaphanes’. The former means ‘invincible’, and the latter means ‘transparent’. Diamond is the hardest rock, which is known to man. At the same time, it is the precious gem, which has only one element in it, namely, Carbon. It is not that easy to destroy diamonds. They can be melted only at a temperature of 5500 degrees Celsius. It is formed under the earth’s surface at high pressures and high temperatures.

It is fair to say that diamonds last forever. Whether it is a small diamond on the engagement ring, you wear or a big solitaire diamond in your possession, its value remains the same and it remains until the end of the earth. This is because diamonds are very highly resistant minerals.

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