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Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring the New Piece in the Sea of Sparkle

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The stunning engagement ring Jennifer Lopez got from her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, is worth over 1 million dollars, as reliable per reports. Jewelry experts estimate the weight of the diamond at the center of J Lo’s ring could be anywhere between 12 and 20 carats.

This is one of the most beautiful celebrity diamond rings that one has seen of late, and it puts the emphasis on the emerald cut center stone. It offers quite the contrast from other celebrity diamond rings online, such as that of Katy Perry, which features a ruby at the center, and eight round diamonds around the centerpiece stone.

Jennifer Lopez’s diamond engagement ring is one of the most expensive pieces you get to see, even in Hollywood. Jewelry experts estimate that it could be worth around 5 million dollars. When one has a diamond that big and flawless, there is no need to accentuate it with an ostentatious setting. Of course, the “World of Dance” star’s engagement ring has that classic solitaire style, which shows off this very rare and beautiful diamond to best effect.

The simplicity of this engagement ring’s design lets the beautiful and show-stopping center stone be the main highlight. It is one of the best diamonds online.

The emerald shaped diamond is another sign that non-round stones are growing increasingly popular among celebrities. Aside from Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Amal Clooney too have rocked emerald cut diamond engagement rings on their fingers. In fact, Beyoncé’s piece is one of the most popular and expensive diamond engagement rings of all time. It also features a considerable emerald cut diamond that weighs 18 carats.

Splurging to the tune of five million dollars on a diamond engagement ring is probably not too big an expense for Alex Rodriguez, seeing as he is consistently one of the highest-paid players in MLB (Major League Baseball). The engagement to one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood only goes to make his popularity rise beyond the world of baseball.

Depsite the obvious expense, J Lo’s piece is still not the priciest celebrity diamond engagement ring ever. Singer Mariah Carey’s engagement ring once held that title though. That one’s engagement to Australian billionaire James Packer, came with a ring worth 10 million dollars at the time. The 35-carat stunner still lands a spot in the all-time list of celebrity engagement rings. J-Lo’s piece has barely made it to the lower half of that list.

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