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Most Beautiful Diamond Colors

Diamonds form naturally in a wide range of colors. Colored diamonds have interstitial flaws or structural shortcomings that lead to the coloration, whereas the pure stones are colorless and perfectly transparent. There is an array of spectacularly natural diamond colors. Read on for a list of the most beautiful diamonds online rated based on their color.


Most diamonds have some amount of nitrogen in them. In the orange stones, the atoms of nitrogen are grouped in an extremely specific manner. This occurs in the course of diamond formation and soon after it is formed. The arrangement of nitrogen absorbs the light in both the yellow and blue regions of the color spectrum, in turn, offering orange color to the diamond.

The orange gemstones may have a yellow, pinkish or brown modifying color. Almost every orange diamond comes from Africa. This diamond color became more popular in the year 1997, thanks in large part to the Pumpkin Diamond’s auction. That diamond is nicknamed ‘pumpkin’ because it was bought through that auction on October 30, the day prior to Halloween.

Some of the most beautiful diamonds have the orange color, and the same applies to the following stones.


The nitrogen arrangement absorbs the blue light from the sun and produces yellow color. There can be a green, brown or orange modifying color in yellow diamonds.

South Africa is the source of the most strikingly intense and big yellow diamonds. The Allnatt Diamond with a cushion cut and ‘fancy vivid’ color grade may be the most significant yellow diamond ever. That diamond is named after its first owner, Alfred E. Allnatt. The Incomparable Diamond is among the world’s biggest polished diamonds.


When boron binds to carbon, it results in the stone absorbing the green light, red light and yellow light. The absorption, in turn, produces the blue color in the diamond. There may be a violet, greenish or gray modifying color in blue diamonds.

The Gloconda region and South Africa’s Cullinan mine are the two most notable sources of blue diamonds. The Hope Diamond is the best-known blue diamond ever. The Wittelsbach Diamond with a cushion shape and ‘fancy blue’ grade, was auctioned off in 2008 for a whopping $24 million. Industry experts compare that stone’s characteristics including the color to the Hope Diamond.


Diamonds turn pink when pressure and heat deep inside the earth make their crystal lattice distort. The distortions make a pink diamond absorb the green light, which then imparts it the pink color.

A pink diamond may be modified by a brown, purplish or orange color. As with other diamonds, the stronger its color, the greater will be the price.

Pink diamonds tend to have secondary hues, the most popular of which are purple, brown and orange. The natural pink stones can be discovered in Russia, South Africa, Canada, Tanzania, Siberia, and Brazil. However, most of these stones come from Australia’s Argyle Mine.

Many celebrities are choosing pink diamond engagement rings for their brides-to-be because of the sheer beauty of these stones.


Purple colored diamonds are extremely rare. The cause of the pink color in diamonds is considered to be crystal distortion. These are most commonly discovered in Russia’s Siberia region and that too, in small size. There is no famous or historical purple diamond. This is perhaps because of the inhospitable location of the stone. A purple diamond weighing over 5 carats is very rare, plus the color of it rarely hits the vivid and the intense grades.

A purple diamond is quite rare, so the more amount of color in the stone, the more you will have to pay for it. Almost every diamond dealer will not get to hold or see one, no matter how much they wish to. Anyhow, the search for purple color diamonds never stops because these are among the most stunning natural stones.


Naturally occurring, black colored diamonds are uncommon and a thing of beauty. The black color is owing to dark imperfections in the stone, generally composed of graphite. Do you know that these diamonds were once used only in industrial processes? This is an unsurprising fact because these are regarded as the toughest of all diamonds.

The best-known black diamond ever is the one nicknamed the ‘Eye of Brahma Diamond’, weighing 67.5 carats. Generally, these are opaque stones, plus the bright and adamantine luster reflecting the light off their surface is what makes them beautiful. When used in jewelry as melee diamonds, alongside their colorless counterparts, the black stones will be extremely popular in the market.


Gray diamonds tend to have a steely appearance. To the untrained eye, it may be tough to tell apart these and colorless diamonds. Try viewing both next to each other, and the gray diamond will appear darker compared to the colorless stone. Pure gray colored diamonds are not just rare, but these also have masculine qualities.

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