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The Beauty of Celtic Diamond Engagement Rings

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Jewelry pieces, especially diamond rings hold a significant place in the life of both men and women. Note that the tradition of gifting diamond engagement rings to your better half is centuries old. It symbolizes an eternal relationship between the couples that is filled with love, joy, and commitment. This engagement ring tradition has evolved drastically. While men used to put engagement rings on the fingers of their better halves in the olden days, men as well tend to flaunt diamond engagement rings these days. Similarly, the designs of the diamond engagement ring also have been evolved.

Even though some couples love to stay a step ahead of fashion and flaunt something trendy on their engagement day, some people prefer keeping it unique by flaunting some vintage or antique designs. Note that the latter options have higher demand these days when compared to the former. One of those incredibly appealing and meaningful vintage options that you may consider for your special day is a Celtic diamond ring set.

Fortunately, almost every physical and online diamond store tends to sell Celtic diamond rings these days. However, the authentic vintage pieces of such sparklers are rare and hence, make sure to purchase them only from reputed online diamond retailers. Otherwise, the chances for you to get scammed or ripped off are high. Some of the important details that you must know about a Celtic diamond ring are given below.

There are mainly two popular types of Celtic diamond rings: Claddagh and Celtic knot diamond rings. When it comes to Claddagh diamond ring, it is characterized by a unique design that features two clasped hands holding a crowned heart. Here, the clasped hands stand for friendship, the heart denotes unconditional love, and the crown represents loyalty. All these attributes are extremely important for a healthy relationship. Hence, Claddagh diamond rings are often considered for engagement.

As the name indicates, Celtic knot diamond rings feature knot designs. This type of rings will be perfect for someone who gives priority to simplicity, beauty, and the meaning of their ring. Note that the knot in these rings does not have a beginning or an end and hence, it will be challenging to take it apart. Here, the knot defines eternity, balance, and never-ending love between the couples. One of the most popular options, in this case, is a trinity knot design that features three knots. The representation of these knots tends to vary with the culture, tradition, and the place you live in. As far as engagement rings are concerned, it represents unity, love, and friendship.

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