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The Mystery behind Kim Kardashian’s Diamond Engagement Ring Cleared

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Precious jewelry items, worth millions of dollars, were robbed from Kim Kardashian when she was in Paris in 2016. The celebrity’s original emerald diamond ring form her musician fiancé Kanye West was upgraded to a bigger-carat one in 2016. Three years ago, a group of masked men held her at gunpoint, robbed her valuables including that piece, and left her tied up in a Parisian flat. The incident is well-documented, and even though it has been three years since it happened, it randomly finds a mention in columns on the reality TV personality.

Most of these pieces of writing, including this one, have to do with Kim and her jewelry. Both have been in the recent news following the mysterious ‘reappearance’ of her ring. Kardashian appeared wearing a similar-styled diamond ring on a series of photographs, shot for her diamond brand campaign. No sooner the pictures surfaced online, fans started speculating. They were all asking the same question: Is Kim wearing the same ring from 2016?

What added to the speculation among fans is that Kim managed to recover a necklace from that eventful day in Paris. While some fans sounded like they believed in its “return”, others appeared to be realistic about the matter. However, for days since those photos appeared on the internet, one thing was not clear: If not the 2016 ring, what else was Kim rocking on her finger?

However, the celebrity has put an end to all the speculation about it by revealing that this piece is one she loaned for the photoshoot. Recently, Kim opened up about the matter when on a talk to “Entertainment Tonight”. She said, “That was a really fun shoot and because it was diamonds, I thought this was the perfect way to bring it back and wear them again.”

After all, it had to be a replica of that 20-carat emerald-shaped diamond engagement ring from 2016. Kim Kardashian has also said that she likes to borrow a small fake piece that resembles that ring. That statement kind of makes it all seem like a practical joke on fans, but Kim has been extra cautious of wearing jewelry in public. Following that robbery, the celeb chose not to wear jewelry pieces for public events.

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