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The Nine-Step Guide to Buy Diamonds Online

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It is often very difficult for diamond buyers to go through all the information to find out whether a diamond is the right choice for them. Searching to buy diamonds online on your own can often be an excruciating process. This is the reason why a lot of information has been provided on the internet, to make the whole process of buying diamonds easy for everyone.

How to Pick the Right Diamond?

Picking the right diamond often involves the process of narrowing down many steps and also selecting the best options for the 4 C’s without having to overpay for it. Comparing diamonds individually helps to see the ones that offer you utmost brilliance and fire. Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you in finding a good diamond that stays within your budget.

Choose the Preferred Shape for your Diamond

The shape of a diamond is what launches the design of your ring. It is often believed that no shape is better than the other and the preference on the shape of the diamond can be totally personal. Round Brilliant diamonds are the most chosen shape for engagement rings – they give off utmost brilliance.

A shape that is more unique in nature like the oval or cushion cut is preferred by others. It is always best to ask your partner about their choice if you are unsure about it. Deciding on a shape in the first stages of buying a diamond will help to narrow down the search and also to compare diamonds.

Select Your Carat Weight

If you are someone who is looking for a diamond that would be noticeable yet not over the top of everything, choose the range of carat weight that you are open to considering (like 0.95 to 1.08-carat diamond). The price of a diamond increases with the increase in carat weight.

Carat weight impacts the appearance of the diamond just like the cut quality and shape of the stone. Learning about the “average diamond size” can often help you in making a decision.

Narrow Down on the Cut Quality

One of the major aspects which impact the beauty of a diamond is the quality of its cut, mainly known as the cut quality. Cut grades are not standardized across all vendors and only ideal and excellent cut diamonds are recommended to customers in general. In most online sites, customers will have to limit their selection to Ideal and Astor Ideal diamonds. In the other sites, select Ideal as well as True Hearts cut.

Advice from Reviewers

If round brilliant diamonds are your choice, the most common advice for you from jewelers would be to search for Excellent or Ideal grade diamonds. Searching for fancy shapes might pay to include Premium or to discard the cut grade as a whole. This is not to say that the cut grade of a diamond is not important; it is of most importance.

This just means that many vendors do not report the cut grades of fancy shapes correctly; therefore, there is no need to filter out so many results from your search which can be great choices.

The carat weight of a diamond affects the look of the diamond, mainly its size.

Select a Clarity Grade

When it comes to clarity, always look for diamonds that are eye clean – this means that you would not be able to see any inclusions or blemishes on the stone with naked eyes. You could mostly find diamonds that are eye clean in the VS1 to VS2 range; this depends on the shape of the diamond as well. There is absolutely no need to pay for an IF or FL diamond when lower graded diamonds are available in the market at a much lesser price.

Always Compare Similar Diamonds

After narrowing down the specifications you prefer for a diamond stone, compare the diamonds which are similar, to decide which one to buy. You should always consider various aspects like if it is an eye-clean diamond, if the diamond is brilliant, and if the diamond is worthy of the price you are willing to pay for.

Verify the Certificate

Only consider diamonds that are GIA and AGS certified while searching for loose diamonds, especially when you buy diamonds online. Make sure to stay away from HRD. IGI and EGL certified diamonds as the results of these certifications are not reliable because of their inconsistency in grading, according to many studies.

Get Expert Opinions

Always go for an expert review for your choice of the diamond before making the decision and starting the search. Having opinions from diamond experts ensures you to buy the best diamond which falls in your budget.

Make the Purchase

After being confident about your diamond, you can choose to buy it with a ring setting. Make sure to follow the insider tips on determining the type of setting. Most of the online vendors also offer hassle-free returns within thirty days. Almost all buyers who go through these processes to select a diamond for them are satisfied.

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