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So, it is confirmed. You are madly in love with your partner and are ready to grow old with that person. Now, all you need is an incredible diamond engagement ring and perfect plan to nail your grand proposal scene. Of course, buying an impressive diamond engagement will be an expensive affair. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to own an incredible piece of jewelry without breaking your bank. Note that it is mostly about timing. The details about the most cost-effective time to purchase a diamond engagement ring, indeed any jewelry pieces, and some other affordable diamond ring buying tips are given below.

Set a Budget

A diamond engagement ring is not just an ordinary piece of jewelry. Rather, it has a number of shades that are associated to your relationship; it defines your true love to your partner, a lifetime commitment that you are ready to make, a beautiful future with the love of your life, etc. Needless to mention, salespeople at jewelry stores will be aware of all these things and how much the ring means to you. Hence, they are likely to use the very same things to encourage you to spend a whopping amount on their product. Of course, you can hardly find a man who does not wish to choose a dream-worthy diamond engagement ring for his lady love. However, this is not a suitable choice for the people who have a pesky account balance in the bank. If you are also facing the same issue, decide on a budget and stick on to it, no matter what. You can always find an elegant sparkler that fits in your budget.

The timing

It is recommended to do good research on the styles, costs, settings, etc., of a diamond engagement ring. After all, you are likely to spend a good amount on your diamond engagement ring and you must make the most out of it. Furthermore, remember the style and personality of your sweetheart while choosing the sparkler. Another significant thing that you must research to get the best diamond ring at an affordable price is the timing. On a related note, it is better to purchase your diamond ring during the summer months, particularly from May to September. These months are also known as the wedding months. However, people rarely choose engagement rings during these months. Hence, the price of most sparklers will be extremely low during this time.

On the other hand, you can expect a sudden upsurge in the price of diamond rings during December, January, and February. These months are popular for Thanksgiving, New Years, and Valentine’s Day. Most people tend to propose to their significant others during this time. Hence, the price difference. Some people may think to purchase their diamond rings online to trim down the cost. Note that almost every online diamond store tends to sell their sparklers at full price during this time. 

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