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When selling diamonds you have to ensure that you get the maximum value and price for your diamonds. People sell diamonds for a lot of reasons. It might be for raising money to accomplish your dreams or meeting your necessities, or maybe because of a divorce or simply because you don’t want it anymore. Whatever your reasons are, you deserve to get the maximum possible price for your diamond. Hence, we list certain factors that you should be aware of if you plan to sell your diamonds.

Selling a Diamond Online

Online diamond sales are gaining more and more popularity. Now, there are a lot of websites and e-commerce platforms that will help you to sell your diamond online. However, when you sell your diamond online, make sure to select a reputed buyer who will give the best possible price for your stone.

One of the factors that made online diamond sales more desirable is that you can sell diamonds to people from anywhere across the world. Therefore, you don’t have to limit your purchaser range only to the people in your area.

Before you select a buyer through an online shopping site, check for their credibility. If they are a diamond dealer or retailer, then check for their rating and the reviews from their previous customers. Also, make sure that they have an office that you can visit and good experience and expertise in this field. It is also important to enquire that if they have any experts who can access the value of your diamond to find out its real value. They should also offer a free return of your stone if you do not accept the final price.

Getting the Best Price for your Diamonds

Make sure that you have proper paper works for your stone, including a diamond grading report from a trusted certification agency like GIA, AGS, etc. Include jewelry appraisal or insurance appraisal if any. Choose a trustworthy and reputed buyer who has been in this field for a long time. If the buyer has a high reputation, then you can make sure that they will pay you the money mentioned in the price quotes.

If you are not sure about the value of your diamond, you can take it to a jeweler who will help you to determine the value based on the quality of your stone. If you have diamonds with unique and rare colors, then you will need an expert who has great knowledge about diamonds for finding out its value. Knowing the value of your stone will help you to quote the best price in advance.

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