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The best way to nail your diamond engagement ring shopping is to purchase loose diamonds separately followed by mounting it on an appropriate setting rather than purchasing a preset diamond ring. In the former case, you will be able to analyze the qualities of your gemstone well. When it comes to the preset ring, the metal settings are likely to mask the inclusions, color tints, design malfunctions, etc., of your sparkler. Now, most people will be wondering about the best and affordable way to purchase loose diamonds and its setting. Thankfully, there are some excellent tips to achieve this objective. Some of those points are listed below.

The way you shop

The price of your loose diamonds can be affected by the way you shop them. Traditionally, people tend to parade a number of physical diamond stores and purchase the one that meets your requirements. However, if you are looking forward to buying cheap loose diamonds, the best way is to purchase them online. Note that you are likely to get great discount deals and vast range of collection as your purchase your loose diamonds online. However, make sure to rely on credible online diamond retailers as well as the gemstone that you chose comes with an authentic diamond grading report.

The 4C’s

The most important factor that affects the price of diamonds is their 4C’S; the cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. You are likely to get the best bang for your bucks if you know to play with these attributes. Note that the cut is the most important element of a diamond and it is not a wise decision to compromise on it. On the other hand, you can be a bit flexible when it comes to the color and clarity of the diamonds. Note that colorless and flawless diamonds come with a huge price tag. To tackle this, you may go for loose diamonds that are eye-clean and visually appealing. Besides spending money on something that you cannot see is stupidity. When it comes to the carat weight, it depends on the personal preference of the buyer. Nevertheless, it is better to choose a stone that weighs 0.50ct and more if you are considering fancy cut diamonds.

The diamond ring setting

Another factor that adds to the overall expense of your diamond rings is the setting. There are numerous settings available in the market such as the prongs, bezel, tension, cathedral, channel, bar, etc. Note that higher the amount of metal; higher will be its price. So, it will be better to consider a diamond ring design that employs minimal metal setting such as the prongs. However, you must consider your lifestyle while choosing the design. For people who lead an active lifestyle, the bezel or channel setting will be ideal. After all, losing your valuable diamonds in the future will be more heartbreaking than spending a few bucks more on your rings now.

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