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What Is Diamond Proportion?

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Buying Diamonds Online

When buying diamonds, you need to consider the proportions of the same, whether you are buying diamonds online or from a brick and mortar store. The proportion of diamonds might seem like a group of confusing percentages and digits, but if you ignore it, you will end up buying a diamond that has no sparkle. The clarity and color grades of a diamond are simple that you might overlook the proportions of the stone, and you do this at your own risk. 

Diamond Proportions 

It is the ratio and size of the width, table, and depth of a diamond. The exact proportions like depth percentage and table of the diamond play an important role in the overall look and beauty of a diamond. The proportion of a diamond is an element of its cut and is very much important in deciding the value and brilliance of a diamond. 

With the ideal proportions, a diamond can take in and reflect light well; making it brilliant and shiny. This means that proportions are important in deciding the fire and effulgence of a diamond. If the diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, the light will be lost out of the sides of the diamond and will not be reflected well, back to the eyes of the viewer. This means that if the proportions of a diamond are poor, it will look lifeless and dull. 

As those diamonds with ideal proportions offer more brilliance, their price will also be higher, whether you are buying diamonds online or from a store near you. When you are looking to buy the best diamonds online, the higher price will be worth it as the cut quality will impact the beauty of the diamond more than any other character. This is the reason why many diamond retailers suggest that you spend a good part of your budget on the Cut quality of the diamond, over other features like clarity and color. 

Calculating Diamond Proportions 

The proportions of a diamond are calculated using the table size, height of the crown, and depth of the pavilion to the diameter of a diamond. Each of the calculation describes the ratios and angles of the precise cut of the diamond. All these aspects are universally measured in percentages or millimeters. 

Aforementioned are just a few of the significant things you must understand about diamond proportions. 

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