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What Makes a Diamond Ideal?

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There are several features of diamonds that give them a special place in everyone’s heart. This includes their brilliance, beauty, color, fire, sparkle and their rarity. These gems are created miles below the earth’s surface and are formed under extreme pressure and temperature which results in their specialties. There are different factors regarding which diamonds are considered ideal. Below is a discussion on the same that you have to keep in mind when you buy diamonds online.

Even before the diamonds were mined in large quantities at the end of the 19th century, there was a general source of fascination and wonder shown towards diamonds by early humans. The Romans believed that diamonds were splinters dropping off the sky, while the Greeks considered diamonds as the tears of the gods. The Greek word “Adamas,” which meant unconquerable eventually gave it the name.

Romantic Passion in History

Diamond claimed its position in the society as a token of love to the latter stages of the 15th century. This is when the Austrian Archduke Maximilian presented the first diamond engagement ring to his betrothed. It was worn on the fourth finger of the left hand since this finger was believed to carry the vein of love that went straight to the heart. Even after several centuries, the diamond remains to be the symbol of love. Besides, it is considered as a valuable gift for any celebratory and romantic occasion.

Special Features of a Diamond

Beauty: the colorless nature and the inner fire of the diamonds make them a very precious material. Every stone has unique qualities and they cannot be imitated. Hence, no two stones resemble each other. Every stone is said to have their personality and characteristic.


Diamonds are the hardest substances known to man. They are highly resistant to deterioration. If they are cared for in the right way, you can wear diamonds every day and even pass them on to the next generation.


Even though there are new sources of diamonds being explored, the supply of diamonds is limited indeed. This is better understood if you realize that more than 250 tons of ore have to be blasted to acquire one carat of rough diamond. besides, only 20% of all rough diamonds are capable of undergoing gem cutting processes required for jewelry purposes.

Enduring Value

Note that diamonds also show variation in prices like other commodities in the market. However, these gemstones will have a good resale value even many years after their continuous usage.

A Super Ideal Diamond

A super ideal diamond is a hypothetical diamond that has all the essential characteristics and is perfect in all aspects. It is regarded as a standard model of existence.

An ideally proportioned diamond will show excellent brilliance and scintillation. The ideally cut diamond would not be cut to appear larger than their original size or to retain more weight. Instead, the only aim is to get maximum brilliance, beauty, sparkle, and fire of the diamond.

Out of all the independent labs operating in the country, only the GIA and American Gem Society Lab grades diamonds for the accuracy of cuts.

Many labs claim there is no range of proportions that are more brilliant than others or make their parameters so loose that just about any diamond can be called Ideal.

The Diamond Quality Document (DQD) displays the specifications of the diamonds such as Symmetry, Polish, Light Performance, and Proportion. The GIA grading report shows symmetry, cut, and polish of the diamond. Each facet of the Ideal Cut diamond should be placed at accurate angles while having correct proportions. This is responsible for an ideal balance of maximum dispersion of light and brilliance. Any fluctuation from these values could alter the dispersion of light and its distribution along the interiors of the diamond. This may result in the loss of its natural beauty.

The Reason Why All Diamonds are Not Cut to Ideal Proportions?

This has a simple answer— economic feasibility. It takes much longer to complete an Ideal Cut. This process is completed using laser and computer analysis. Note that this level of accuracy and precision can be achieved only by the most experienced and skilled diamond cutters. Besides, this process involves a lot of weight loss of rough diamonds. These factors give rise to the high cost and value of these diamonds.

Are There “GIA Ideal Cuts”?

Note that GIA makes a specific claim that there is no combination of proportions that could be described as an ideal diamond. However, it is claimed that you can find a near-perfect diamond by getting a GIA triple excellent diamond. If they are of the Hearts & Arrows design, you will get an even better choice of diamond. Make sure you try to see the diamond before you purchase them. Keep the above factors in mind when you are looking to buy diamonds online and looking for ideal diamonds.

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