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Finding the perfect engagement ring is always a difficult task because there are numerous engagement ring styles and settings out there. Also, you have to figure out which your girlfriend’s favorite diamond is. Even if you can know what she likes, you may face another problem; which ring style suits your girlfriend’s finger better.

When you look for diamond rings online, it is very important to know the type of finger of your girlfriend because it will help you to choose the most suitable engagement ring. Let’s take a look at which engagement ring style is suitable for different finger types.

For Petite Fingers

One of the main advantages of small, thin fingers is that they can pair beautifully with any fine jewelry. That means any ring in a petite finger look really beautiful. However, a cushion, princess, or round brilliant cut on a prong setting is often recommended for petite fingers. Overloaded designs may not look beautiful in slim fingers.

For Short Fingers

Most people with short fingers want to make their fingers appear longer and leaner. The best way to do that is by wearing diamonds that have an elongated shape like Marquise, Oval, or Pear Shape. All these diamond shapes can make your fingers longer and slimmer. If the stone is not big, the Emerald cut can also create the same illusion. Wearing a Marquise diamond will draw the attention away from the short fingers and add to the brilliance of the diamond.

For Long Fingers

People having long fingers have a lot of freedom to choose the type of diamonds and ring setting they want to wear. Most of the diamond shapes are suitable for long fingers and could improve the elegance of the fingers. The online diamond retailer will recommend trying Round Brilliant Cut diamond for long fingers but Cushion Cut, Asscher Cut, and Princess Cut in a tension setting is also equally beautiful on long fingers.

For Chubby Fingers

It is always difficult to choose the right ring for chubby fingers. The rings for chubby fingers should not be smaller. Most jewelers suggest using high carat diamonds to draw attention away from the finger. You can also use a halo ring setting because this setting can make even a smaller center diamond looks bigger and also enhances its sparkle.

For Large Knuckles

If you have larger than normal knuckles, you would want to draw the attention away from the fingers. You can achieve that by using a wide or bold band. Some jewelers suggest Zac Posen Three-Stone Emerald-Cut for people with large knuckles to grab the attention.

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