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Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring

From gorgeous platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold engagement rings, to unique diamonds in the shape of round, oval, or princess cuts, there are really no limits on the combinations of style rings. A rapidly growing trend is a new generation of wedding band styles that feature smaller diamonds. With popular engagement ring collections, the selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and engagement rings are extensive.

Varieties of Diamond Engagement Rings

From classic white diamonds set in unique ways to contoured bands, colored gemstones, and diamonds in raffia, the selection of engagement rings and wedding bands is thoroughly romantic. While there is a significant selection of engagement rings with diamonds, there is also an exquisite selection of sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, along with black, gray, and Champagne diamonds, which offer an excellent alternative to the most conventional designs. For those who wish for both, matching bands can also be made custom to match the profile of the diamond engagement ring.

While a diamond solitaire is the classic engagement ring, and you could never go wrong by choosing it for your soon-to-be-wife, you may wish to take the other path and give your soon-to-be-wife a ring that is not so traditional. If your woman is ambitious and has a unique style, propose to her with a pear-shaped diamond ring. Whether her heart is set on something lightweight and elegant, or something ornamental and attractive, you will never go wrong with a traditional diamond ring.

At Jared, Jared knows how important it is to choose the ring that is unique, that captures her unique style. Jared makes it easy to show your commitment through amazing engagement rings and bands. There is no need to sweat the budgetary concerns. Whether you choose a classic diamond, a traditional twist, a vintage-inspired design, an impressive one-piece, or something unexpected and really wild, your ring will be just as magnificent, and hopefully just as lifelong, as the relationship, it is celebrating.

If you cannot see the style that is right for you, or you know exactly what you want, many jewelers offer the option of creating an engagement ring custom-made online, with options for choosing the shape and weight of the diamond, down to setting and engraving. The selection of thousands of designer brands and exclusive collections is unparalleled, and jewelers can even customize or create a custom engagement ring design just for you.

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