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The Six Cheaper-than-Round Diamonds Cuts to Buy

Pear Shaped Diamond
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Buying diamonds is always a costly affair; otherwise, you are probably being scammed. Buying prices vary according to the quality of each stone, as well as its cut, shine, and shape. There is also a lot of weight assigned to availability when it comes to what a stone is priced at, which is why so many people prefer getting cheapest diamonds online instead of actually visiting a brick-and mortar store to check out the selection there. Following are some of the cheaper diamond cuts for the budget-wary buyer to know about.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Though less costly, the emerald cut is known for its stunning step cut facets. Based on cost, emerald cut diamonds land third after the cushion cut and Asscher cut diamonds.

Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Apart from the upper portion of the stone having a small crevice, this shape almost resembles the famous pear cut. Any potential buyer would be justified in expecting a heavy tag, except there is none. Heart-shaped stones are way cheaper than typical round diamonds, and cost up to a couple thousand dollars less.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

The 70 mesmerizing facets in the radiant cut are certainly not something which can drill through your wallet. This cut is often found in collaboration with other shapes like the princess, which means you have plenty of options to mix a few of these with each other and pick what you like out of that range of composite styles. The radiant costs up to a couple thousand dollars less than a round diamond, making it one of the least expensive cuts you can buy.

Fancy diamonds

Quite a few cuts come under the label of fancy diamonds, which cost much less than the word ‘fancy’ would have you believe. All diamond cuts besides the typical round cut get grouped under this umbrella, including the oval, pear, cushion, marquise, etc.

Marquise and Oval cut diamonds

When compared with round brilliants based on price, each of these shapes is a lot cheaper, with the difference there coming up to a thousand dollars on average. From another perspective, that gets you better stone quality for the same price, which is good for buyers wanting to make their fingers look elongated, and whom this shape serve best.

Princess Cut Diamonds

These square-shaped diamonds with defined edges are the second most popular shape behind the round cut, and also less costly. Most of that comes from the fact that 80% of the stone is retained after cutting and shaping, whereas that figure falls around 50% for a round brilliant.

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