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Zodiac Signs And Their Matching Engagement Ring Styles

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Finding the right engagement ring is always one of the hardest parts when you decide to pop the question. Many people do not know how to look for a diamond ring. According to experts, choosing an engagement ring style that matches your zodiac sign is a popular custom. If you decide to buy diamonds online, it is a great choice because you can choose from a wide range of collections.


You’ll be lured to a magnificent round stone with a pave band, positioned just a little higher than normal to ensure it really shines as a classic lover.


Rather than choosing a larger, lower-quality stone, you’re more likely to conduct your research and discover the diamond with the best quality. Because your thriftiness may prevent you from splashing the cash. If that’s the case, the combination of quality and sentiment will appeal to you.


Your lucky stones, emerald and topaz, best express your bright personality. Fortunately, they both make stunning center stones for an Old World-inspired engagement ring. An emerald cut emerald stone with a pave halo could communicate to your attractive yet wise spirit.


Having a good time and being a little kooky is almost always the name of the game for you. While you may just want to keep it simple when it comes to something classic, show off your flair for the odd by wearing a colored stone. 


You don’t need anyone to remind you that you are fiery and passionate. While you don’t need a 4-carat bling machine, experimenting with only an oblong cut or geometric setting will enable you to achieve the desired size.


A vintage ring would be something Virgos will appreciate eternally as practical individuals with a fondness for the basic and traditional. A cushion cut diamond set in 14K gold is the ideal ring for you. 


Because you’re a true romantic, a heart-shaped diamond is an ideal choice for you. You can browse an online diamond store and choose the best heart-shaped diamond ring.


Because Scorpios are serious and meticulous, it’s likely that you’ll have a say in the engagement ring you wear. With an emerald-cut center stone and baguette side stones, you can do that. 


To best express your personality, choose a classic ring with an oval stone and an ornate, swirly setting. This is because they have a whimsical side that should really be expressed in their rings.


A traditional round solitaire diamond in a plain gold or platinum setting is the best option for you and won’t get weary of it.


If following the crowd isn’t your thing, get something truly distinctive that isn’t overly trendy. A setting with scattered side stones, a wide and complicated form, or other art-deco features is likely to please.


Incorporate elements of the ocean into your jewelry by embracing your sign’s water characteristics. Sapphires scattered around the band or a dazzling round cut that gleam like the sea will speak to your heart. 

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