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Amazing Facts You Should Know About Pink Diamonds

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When shopping for diamond rings online, many think about choosing the pink solitaire as their center stone. Pink diamonds have an alluring appeal, which stems from their limited supply and mystery surrounding the details on how these are formed. Keep reading to learn more about this mesmerizing rock.

Pink Diamonds Come Mostly from Australia

The major portion of the pink diamonds in global supply is sourced from Western Australia’s Argyle Mine. Historically, pink diamonds have been found in South Africa, Russia, Brazil, Canada, and India too. The Argyle diamond mine will likely stay open until next year.

Some diamonds mined from Argyle are pink colored, so these are the rarest of all the colored stones. This means out of a million carats of raw diamonds that are mined at Argyle, just one carat of the pink stones is suitable for sale. Tendered pink stones weigh 1 carat on average, plus a total of about 50 carats of these are auctioned once a year.

Pink Is a Mysterious Color

There is speculation about how natural pink diamonds get their color. A theory is that these get pink from a structural flaw called “plastic deformation”, which occurs when the stone is forced up to the surface of the earth. This flaw forces it to absorb the light differently and give off the pink hue.

Not All Pink Diamonds Are Created Equal

These diamonds come in different shades, and these can be graded differently. The more intense pink of the stone, the higher will be its price. So, a natural diamond with a pure and rich pink color is exponentially pricier than another with “Fancy Pink” or “Fancy Light Pink” grading.

Pink diamonds often have a secondary hue, and you can describe this hue as orange-pink or purple-pink. For this reason, you will not find a natural pink diamond which looks the same as another one.

Very Valuable

One of the most valuable non-white diamonds are pink colored, and these may be as much as 20 times the price of their white counterpart. As per the Argyle Mine, a pink diamond weighing one carat can cost anywhere between $100,000 and $1 million. The cost depends on the color intensity, clarity, shape, and cut. The secondary color can make a huge difference in both the price and value of these diamonds. For instance, brown is a more common secondary hue, and therefore, it may mean a less expensive pink diamond. However, a purplish rock is perhaps priced higher.

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