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How To Properly Store Your Diamond Rings?

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Many people argue that diamond rings should be recognized as the Kings and Queens of the jewelry clan. After all, diamond rings are what people usually buy for their special occasions, the main example, their engagement. People also buy diamond rings to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Some people buy diamond rings online from online diamond stores, while others buy them from a brick-and-mortar store. It doesn’t matter where you are buying it, a diamond ring should be stored properly and safely.

Most people only want to store their diamond jewelry safely because of the fear of thieves. However, properly storing diamond jewelry can make sure that your diamond is in good shape for many years.

Keep on reading this article to know about the best practices that you can follow to keep your diamond rings safe.

Diamonds Are Not Indestructible

It is true that diamonds are the hardest natural substance on the planet. However, that does not mean that they are indestructible. In fact, diamonds can get chipped or scratched if not taken care of properly. If two diamonds come into contact, one could scrape the other, and a diamond can be chipped if pressure is exerted at its cleavage plane.

The least risky storage solution for a diamond ring is to keep it in a dry box, which is a guarded and controlled environment. The ring will not degrade over time because it is completely separated from dangerous chemicals and humid environments. However, this is not a solution for people who are wearing diamond rings every day.

How To Prevent Your Diamond Ring From Getting Damaged?

Having segmented space for storage is the ideal approach for storing diamond rings since it makes sorting and management easier. This is especially crucial if you have numerous pieces of diamond jewelry because you don’t want them to come into direct touch. You should buy jewelry storage boxes that have built-in segregation and divisions to help avoid such issues.

Whenever you are doing heavy manual work with your hands, you should not be wearing your diamond rings. If you are cutting veggies, lifting a heavy load, or gardening, you should remove your ring to avoid any damage. Simple actions like removing your ring and then doing the dishes or having a shower will help it to last longer. Protect the metal setting from dangerous chemicals and prevent banging the ring against rough surfaces.

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