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One of the main factors that you may think about while choosing a diamond engagement ring will be its metal setting. After all, hard metal setting is important to ensure the durability as well as the appeal of your beautiful diamond engagement rings. Usually, people tend to consider traditional choices such as yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum, rose gold, etc., to secure their beautiful and valuable radiant cut diamond engagement rings.

However, most millennial couples prefer to steer away from these traditional options and love embracing something unique and appealing. If you are also one amongst these people, the palladium metal will be a great alternative to consider. In order to validate this statement, below are some of the major upsides of choosing palladium radiant cut diamond rings.

Extremely Lustrous and Rare

Palladium is one of the rarest found metals and reflects lustrous white color. In the olden days, it has been regarded as the popular alloying metal that is used to turn yellow gold into white gold. The silvery sheen of palladium caters to this objective. However, palladium was rebranded as a precious metal by the 21st century with the spike in the price of gold and platinum.


Another factor that makes palladium one of the best alternatives to its platinum and white gold counterparts is its affordability. Note that this will be the ideal choice for all the couples who want to own a ring that offers the appeal of platinum or white gold without a hefty price tag. On top of that, the shine of palladium metal hardly fades over time. Plus, the mirror-like reflection of palladium tends to offer unparalleled shine and sparkle to the diamonds and also makes it look bigger than its actual carat weight. Needless to mention, this will give you the best bang for your bucks.


When compared to platinum and gold, palladium is less dense. This makes palladium the right choice for all the couples who lead an active lifestyle. Needless to mention, it will be easier and comfortable to carry lightweight diamond rings, especially when you wear it daily. Even though palladium rings are so delicate and lightweight, it is surprisingly strong and durable. It is also resistant to scratches and chipping making it an ideal companion for all the clumsy and working people out there.


Palladium is a malleable metal and hence, you can ask your designers to make the most intricate designs using it. Professionals often recommend designing something that you cannot do with platinum or white gold metals to make the best use of it.

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