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An Unbiased Guide to Beautiful Three Stone Diamond Rings

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Once you decided to get hitched, the main thing that you will have to think about is a beautiful diamond wedding band. After all, it is the symbol of your eternal relationship between you and your partner. Nowadays, there are many amazing diamond ring designs available in the market that you may probably get overwhelmed when it comes to picking a single design. Furthermore, diamond ring trends tend to change almost every other day. So, it is always better to go with the classic wedding band designs so that it will stay trendy even after many decades.

When it comes to classic wedding band designs, nothing can beat the charm of a three stone diamond ring or a trilogy ring. As the name indicates, this type of wedding band will have three beautiful diamonds on it and its symbolism will vary with its design. In order to give you an in-depth knowledge regarding the same, below is an unbiased guide to three stone diamond rings.

The Meaning of Three Stone Diamond Rings

Usually, a bigger center diamond will be flanked with two small diamond accents on each side in this type of design. In order to highlight the main gemstone, it is ideally set higher when compared to the accents. The stones in this type of three stone diamond ring setting represent the past, the present, and the future of the couple respectively. As a result, the center diamond that symbolizes the present of the couple is given more prominence in such designs. No wonder, three stone diamond rings are one of the preferred options for wedding bands and anniversary rings.

Another setting for trilogy rings features three gemstones of similar size and shape that are mounted side by side on a metal band. Here, the three stones symbolize the characteristics such as friendship, love, and fidelity. Note that these factors are regarded as the foundation of a healthy relationship. Hence, this is the best option for all the couples out there who are looking for a deeper meaning in their wedding sparkler.

How to Buy

Trilogy diamond rings are readily available in almost every diamond jewelry store. Otherwise, you may design your own three stone diamond ring keeping your lifestyle, budget, and all other preferences in mind.

In case you are looking for a budget-friendly purchase, online diamond store options will be perfect. Note that you can buy diamonds online at cheaper rates and then you can set it on a ring with the help of a trustworthy designer. This method will be way too cheaper when compared to the former options. Just make sure that the diamonds that you choose come with a credible authenticity certificate.

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