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A diamond engagement ring is one of the most attractive features you will be wearing on your engagement day. It should reflect your personality while maintaining elegance. This can also be done by catching the attention of the viewers. If the diamonds are adorned with features that make them look larger, they will definitely be noticed. Below are a few tricks and hacks that you can try to make your diamond rings look larger than their actual size.

What Has No Impact on the Diamond’s Size

The outline of a diamond or the shape can influence the appearance of a diamond and make it look interesting. Shapes like rectangular, pear, oval, round, and marquise affect the aesthetics of a diamond. However, these factors do not affect how large they look.

Similarly, the carat value of a diamond has a little say over how big or small the diamond looks. Just because a diamond is heavier does not mean that they look larger. It depends on other factors entirely. One diamond may appear to be larger than the other due to their shape. However, this diamond may not be the most visually appealing one. This depends on factors like diamond cut quality, finish, and the weight distribution.

A diamond with shallow cut may be larger and wider physically but will lack the visual edge. This is because as the light enters through the table and exits through the pavilion easily, this reduces the sparkle of the diamond.

Settings That Make your Diamond Look Larger

During the 1930’s, a new type of diamond rings became popular that placed the diamond in a head crafted out of fluted white metal. The shiny part in thie setting had ripples, which created an illusion that the diamond was reflected off the head. This is the illusion setting diamond online providers offer today.

Cluster setting can also help to make the diamond appear bigger. In this type of engagement ring setting, several small diamonds of similar size are placed next to each other. This has an effect of adding to the sparkle and brilliance of the ring. This gives an impression that the center stone is much larger than its original shape.

When you buy diamond ring online, choose diamonds of the similar color grades. Matching color grades is imperative for the illusion to workout in both the above settings. You also need to ensure that the diamond is well protected. The more the diamond is covered, the better.

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