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Five Most Stunning Engagement Rings of the Royal Family Members

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Engagement rings of the women in the British royal family are among the most high-profile pieces out there. When a royal family member’s engagement is announced, photos of their rings go viral. The craze for these rings does not stop there – jewelers analyze the price of their stone, plus details about their ring are revealed. We will look at some of the regal pieces here, starting with that of the most famous personality of them all.

Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth got engaged back in 1947, the same year the British left India. He gave her a ring with a circular diamond set on a silver band and encircled by smaller diamonds. He proposed marriage to her with this ring after asking King George VI for her hand in marriage.

Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew gave the Duchess of York an engagement ring, with a ruby encased in diamonds that resemble a flower. The ruby gemstone was chosen to compliment Sarah Ferguson’s red hair, said the couple in their engagement special interview. “It’s stunning, red, I wanted a ruby,” said Ferguson. “I’m very lucky to have it, it’s a lovely stone.”

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Sophie is one of the two royal family members to have a three-stone engagement ring. This is a ring with three gems, one in the center and two stones on both sides of the centerpiece. In Sophie’s engagement ring, the right and left side stones are shaped like a pear.

“It’s sparkly and diamonds are a girl’s best friend so I’m told,” said Prince Edward to reporters on the occasion of their engagement announcement.

In reply to that, Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones said, “No, you’re my best friend.”

Meghan Markle

The engagement ring of Meghan Markle also features three gemstones. The centerpiece is a diamond, which was sourced from Botswana. Prince Harry visited Botswana in his childhood, plus the couple holidayed there together. The diamonds on both sides of the center stone were taken from Harry’s late mother Princess Diana’s collection. Another interesting fact about this piece is that it was designed by Prince Harry himself. You will find this in the list of the most popular celebrity engagement diamond rings online.

Kate Middleton

In that list, you will also find this ring of the Duchess of Cambridge. It is also an heirloom piece, having belonged to William’s late mother Princess Diana. Prince Charles proposed Princess Diana with the same sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

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