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Getting The Best Value For Money When Purchasing A 1 Carat Diamond Ring

1 Carat Center Diamond Ring
1 Carat Center Diamond Ring
1 Carat Center Diamond Ring

A 1-carat center diamond ring featuring a large, high-quality, radiant diamond is the most favored engagement ring design. The cost of such a stunning ring holds back many from making the purchase. Let us discuss a few ways to help you get the best value for your1 carat center diamond ring.

Ensuring The Quality

Once you have decided to shell out a substantial amount for perhaps one of the most important jewelry purchases in your life, you would want to get the best quality product for the money you spend. While making a diamond ring purchase, make sure to ask for certifications from renowned diamond grading entities such as GIA or AGS. If you come across a seller who tries to convince you to make a purchase without adequate certifications, be warned that the product you purchase may not be worth the price. In the case of diamonds, we cannot ensure the quality of the stones without certification from a well-respected entity.

The 3Cs Of The Diamond

Since you might already have your heart set on a 1-carat diamond for the centerpiece, you may want to focus on the rest of the 3Cs – the cut, color and clarity. The cut of a diamond determines its beauty and value. If you want to maximize the brilliance and fire of the center stone in your ring, make sure to go with an excellent cut. While choosing the color, you will be able to save some money if you go with a nearly colorless G-I range instead of the colorless D-F range. This will fetch you a high-quality stone with no visible flaws to the naked eye, at a much cheaper price.

The VS1 and VS2 grade clarity are the most economical option that you can choose without compromising on the appearance of the stone. Stones in this clarity range have slight inclusions that are not at all visible to the naked eye. Once all the Cs have been decided, go with a setting that would accentuate the beauty of the stone. The design should also appeal to your personal taste.

To ensure the best value for money when purchasing diamond jewelry, go with reputed sellers who are ready to address all your queries and take time and effort to assist you with the process; starting from choosing the stone to selecting a design that is appealing to you-all the while offering a good price.

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