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Some Rare Engagement Ring Stones That You Can Buy Online

Online Diamond Store
Online Diamond Store
Online Diamond Store

Buying a diamond engagement ring for your loved one will always be a special moment in your heart. People look for the best diamond designs to impress their partners and ask questions. A recent trend is that people are looking for different gemstones for the engagement ring. Not all people are looking for princess-cut or round-cut diamonds for engagement rings. Many online diamonds retailers are selling rare engagement ring stones these days.

Here are some rare diamonds that you can buy from an online diamond store.

Paraíba Tourmalines

Tourmalines are available in every color possible, and some even have numerous zones of various colors. The majority of variations are affordable, however, the discovery of electric neon-blue to blue-green tourmalines in Paraíba, Brazil in 1989 rocked the gem industry. The market for these rare paraíba tourmalines increased quickly and continues to grow. Paraíba tourmalines have no cleavage and have a hardness of 7-7.5. This makes them less likely to split, allowing them to withstand more harm from attacks.


When exposed to incandescent light, Alexandrites can change color from green to blueish green to crimson or purplish-red. This remarkable color-shifting stone was discovered in Russia in the 1830s and quickly became a favorite of the Czars. Alexandrites have a high hardness (8.5), making them excellent ring stones that resist scratches. However, due to its scarcity and high demand, alexandrite is one of the costliest engagement ring gems available. Even alexandrite’s manufactured in a lab are fairly costly.

Jedi Spinels

These bright hot pink spinels were discovered in Myanmar in 2001 and given the nickname “Jedi” because they are clear of the “Dark Side.” This relates to the lack of dark tones in spinels, which might reduce their value. The high fluorescence of “Jedi” spinels gives them their neon brilliance. A high iron concentration in other spinels prevents this glow. While most natural spinels are extremely durable and unusual, many gem buyers are unfamiliar with them. As a result, their prices are frequently kept low.

Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyls

Chatoyancy, or the “cat’s eye” effect, can be seen in many jewels, but cat’s eye chrysoberyls are considered the most desirable. Not all chrysoberyls, however, have cat’s eyes. In truth, alexandrites are a type of chrysoberyl that exhibits chatoyancy only very seldom. The body color of the cat’s eye chrysoberyls is commonly yellow, greenish-yellow, or yellowish-green. When held diagonally to a strong light, the stone shows a sharp “pupil” and reveals a tidy “milk-and-honey” effect.

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