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Diamonds are those precious stones obtained from the core of the earth. These small pieces of beauty can worth a fortune due to its elegant nature. Diamonds are the hardest material on planet earth, and so it is sometimes used even as a cutting tool in many industries. It takes more than 100 years to form a small piece of diamond. Diamonds can only be found in limited places. Presently South Africa is the largest supplier of diamonds in the world.

There are basically several gemstones like ruby, topaz, etc. and diamond is one among those. These amazing stones are a storehouse of carbon. The value of diamonds is determined by many factors. The main factors considered for the evaluation of diamond is its cuts, clarity, caret, etc. Since natural diamonds are far out of reach to common man, artificial diamonds are currently available in the market. It is not only its stunning beauty but also its distinct physical properties that make diamonds a natural wonder. The diamonds possess a high rate of refractive index and there are some that even reflect different colors if it is placed in front of a light source.

Diamonds are mostly found colorless. A pale yellow color is also common in diamond market. There is always a misunderstanding among the society that it is the color that distinct a diamond and other gemstones, but it is not. It is the chemical and other property that differentiate the gemstones. Diamonds are also seen in many fancy colors like red, blue, yellow, pink, etc. the worth of colored diamonds depends on the depth of the color. Diamonds does also get its value from its size and shape.

Diamonds are acquired by people not only for their natural aesthetic beauty but also due to some other reasons. There are beliefs that diamond will improve the morale of those who possess it. It is also believed that diamonds can bring growth and stability. There are also many scientific reasons to wear diamond. It is proved that wearing diamonds will reduce intoxication and improve physical health. And also it helps to provide immunity from certain conditions like glaucoma.

Since diamonds are one of the rarest natural resource, it costs a huge amount of money. But still there are a lot of natural diamond available to common man at an affordable range. There are many ways to evaluate the worth of a diamond, and to provide assurance there are many agencies that conduct the evaluation procedure.

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