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Raw diamonds, which are also known as rough diamonds, refer to diamonds that have not been polished or cut into glittering stones we see every day in wedding and engagement rings. Rough diamonds are opted by most people for the ethereal look they possess, which in turn, saves long searches for finding good stones.

These diamonds are most often sold wholesale to diamond jewelers who would then cut, polish and make them into fine jewelry pieces and then present them into the market. Most jewelers take these diamonds to use them as such, or set them into rings or settings. Many often make unique designs with these stones to stand out in the market. Here are a few tips that should be considered by anyone looking forward to buying raw diamonds.

Online engagement ring shopping has never been easier, thanks to leaps and bounds in technology, ease of use, and pioneers like Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth who have gone public and brought huge awareness to the industry, spawning amazing companies such as Rockher.com.

The Four C’s is Not a Big Matter

When it comes to raw diamonds, the cut of the stone is irrelevant as the diamonds would not be cut. For the same reason, the clarity of the diamond also follows not too close behind, as the diamonds would not be cut when they are extracted. The color and carat of the stone would be pretty down to the personal choice of the customer. This makes it easy for everyone to go with what they like and what fits into their budget.

Source of Buying Matters

Rough diamonds also have the usual guidelines about buying from a reputable source. They don’t come with a GIA certification as they would not be cut and polished. This makes the customers more conscious than usual about picking out. It is important to do thorough research before you trust any diamond jeweler completely. Always buy a raw diamond that can be traceable way back to the mine from where it was obtained.

You Should Not Cut and Polish Raw Diamonds

The durability of a raw diamond could be affected if it is cut, as most of the raw diamonds may often have internal inclusions that could result in poor quality cut. The gem can become too small when the rough edges of the stone are smoothed down. It is always better to approach an expert to analyze the stone if you ever wish to upgrade an engagement ring or such.

Rough Diamonds Require More Maintenance

Rough diamonds usually require more maintenance, especially when arranged in prong settings, in one of which your diamond would have a non-uniform shape. Raw diamonds are among the toughest substances that are obtained naturally. A few bumps or knocks can make the prongs go out of place in the setting. There are chances for it to loosen further with time, and this can often risk you by losing a diamond stone from the setting. The surfaces of the diamond that are rough will also elevate the risk of scratching other things around you.

Bezel Settings are Best Choices for Raw Diamonds

Bezel settings are not chosen wisely for cut and polished diamonds as they block most of the light that enters the lower half of the ring which thereby reduces the sparkle of the diamond. This is not the case of a bezel setting when it comes to raw diamonds. It is very secure for any rings with raw diamonds. This is the reason why most of the raw diamond engagement rings are often designed set into bezels.

Raw Diamonds are Cheaper

Raw diamonds are cheaper when compared with other diamonds or their counterparts, as they are not polished or cut. What makes them less valuable are the inclusions in them. There are always exceptions that are available in the market, and it can often depend on many factors.

How to Buy a Rough Diamond?

Raw diamonds come with no guarantees on quality, and if you are shopping around thinking of sending it for cutting and polishing, there are chances that you would be very disappointed. You could also end up getting very little as a quality cut diamond. Most of the diamonds that are been available in online stores as well as brick and mortar stores would not become a cut diamond, and this is what the good news is. They are instead used in their rough form, whether it is in a ring or any other piece of jewelry.

Always make sure that the raw diamond you are looking forward to buying is Kimberley certified. This guarantees that the stone has been ethically sourced.

Rough Diamond Engagement Rings

Each ring set is likely to set an individual diamond, and this is because of the non-uniform shape of the stone. Some rough diamonds are often shaped for them to be used again, and this done without any polishing or faceting.

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