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Factors That Can Affect The Price Of Diamonds

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When buying diamonds, you have to be aware of different factors that can affect the value of these stones. Apart from the 4Cs of diamonds that you might know, there are many other important attributes that can be significant in determining the beauty, value, and price of diamonds. Some of them are listed below:

The Cut

The quality of the cut can impact the brilliance and beauty of diamonds. If the cut is symmetrical and proportional, it can reflect light properly thereby creating a stunning sparkle and brilliance. Diamonds with better “cut” grades can have a great value and price.

The Clarity

It is a parameter that indicates the presence of inclusions in diamonds. Diamonds with high clarity grades will have lower visibility of inclusions. These diamonds will also have a huge price.

The Color

The “color” grade of diamonds is an indicator of how colorless the stone is. If the diamond has a visible yellow or brown tint, it can negatively affect the value of diamonds. Such diamonds can be less expensive than colorless diamonds.

The Carat

The price of diamonds can greatly increase with the increase in their carat weight. You will have to pay an incredibly huge price for getting diamonds with higher carat weights.

Buying Online

Buying your diamond jewelry online can be highly affordable than buying it from physical stores. A lot of people now buy diamonds online because of the better benefits associated with this option. In addition to lower price ranges, online diamond retailers also offer a wide array of other attractive advantages including a huge collection, free shipping, free returns, custom-designing services, and more.

The Brilliance

Diamonds with great brilliance and sparkle can have a better value and they can have a huge price too. The brilliance of diamonds can be dependent on many other factors including their cut, clarity, presence of color, etc.

Synthetic Origin

If the diamonds are man-made, their price can be significantly lower than natural ones. However, their value can also be less than mined diamonds.


If fluorescence is present in a diamond, it will exhibit a colored glow when exposed to UV light. This trait is considered a flaw in diamonds, hence, diamonds with fluorescence can be available for lower rates than stones that do not exhibit this effect. 

All these factors can have a great impact on the price of your diamonds. So make sure to compromise on them carefully for getting a diamond that can fit your budget.

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