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Why Natural Diamonds Are the Ideal Symbol Of Love and Commitment

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For centuries, diamonds have been popularly known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. The word diamond originates from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means unbeatable, brave or to love passionately. Giving a diamond as a gift says, ‘I will always love you’, and it has done for centuries. As we all know, the diamond is an ultimate way to mark an engagement, but there are some specific reasons why this precious stone is considered as the ideal symbol of love and commitment.

Diamonds will forever be considered as the symbol of love because of the below mentioned points.

Diamonds are unique

Diamonds are unique because they are made up of 100% pure carbon. As a result of the continuous heat and pressure under the earth’s surface, the carbon atoms bond in a different way to get a beautiful and rare structure. Their flawless beauty and unique physical qualities have made them valued and appreciated above all other stones. Qualities like hardness and specific gravity make rough diamonds identifiable from others.

Diamonds are Natural

Loose diamonds online are 100% natural with single crystals that are completed to a very smooth surface and smooth wire finishes. Diamonds are completely fit to represent love and commitment due to their strong, flexible and lasting nature. That’s the main reason why we celebrate rare occasions with a rare gem.

Diamonds are Valuable

It is one of the most valued stones on the earth and was formed billions of years ago. Diamonds are extremely rare because of their difficult journey from the earth’s crust to the surface. Natural diamonds are expensive than other diamond types because of their durability, quality, manufacturing cost and other factors.

Diamonds are timeless

Diamonds can represent the significance of love and it is a physical link between generations, which means they will never go out of style. Diamonds are the surprising miracles of nature and their brilliance will never faint out and never gets old, and will always be in style.

Diamonds are Universal

The rarity and beauty make diamonds more valuable and their versatility means the designs can fit every budget. The 4Cs of diamond quality, i.e., Clarity, Cut, Color, Carat, are the universal factors considered for evaluating the quality of any diamond in the world.

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