CBD For Wedding Anxiety And Diamond Price Sticker Shock

The thought of the wedding bells ringing, sets in motion a chain of emotions from excitement, happiness, uncertainty and anxiety to straight up fear. For a woman who has had the little girl in her mentally sketch-up her idea of a perfect wedding, it feels all the more daunting as the date nears. Countless hours are spent to make sure that this event would be one to remember; not just for the couple tying the knot but for every family, friend and wedding guest who grace themselves for the occasion.

The sticky notes of reminders both on your desk as well as the home screen of your phone have various ticks and crosses strewn all over; just a look into how much attention and care went into each and every aspect of the wedding. From buying the bridal dresses, finalizing the guest list, trial runs of the makeup at the top end salon in town to choosing the right flower arrangement and choosing the accompanying music to be played in the background as the bride walks down the aisle. Every nitty-gritty aspect has to be looked into, or else you will end up overlooking it…and making that mistake can make your wedding, come out in the way you didn’t want.

Let us not forget the diamond sticker shock every couple may go through when they ask the price of an astonishing gem they see on the counter at the jewellers. A price that makes anyone gasp and let out a subtle ‘I guess, I better see myself to the door’ WOW. This alone is enough to drive any couple up the wall!

In the bid to get a pretty wedding ring to sit cosily on the ring finger to getting the wedding festivities in the right order, couples worry and often get anxious over the possibilities of ‘what could go wrong’. But worry not as we will tell you the best ways in which you can keep a calm nerve; even when you turn the diamond ring’s price tag towards yourself! And no, we don’t mean yoga nor sitting still for an hour with your legs crossed!

Enter The World Of CBD

The best thing that couples of this generation can freely exploit that the previous generation couldn’t (atleast not legally) was without doubt CBD! The miracle drug that had turned the tide to its favour, is an ideal example of a fighter that didn’t back down when the going got tough.

The fight began from as far as the 1930’s and stretched to as far as 2018, with the passing of the Farm Bill in the same year. The world had come about accepting CBD derived hemp, finally!

The potent substance Cannabidiol or CBD is not one off, and includes many others like it when you squeeze out a marijuana or hemp plant. Some of these were plastered on primetime news such as THC, Chromenes and terpenes. There are close to 100 of these substances that you will find, and are all grouped into what is called Cannabinoids.

The discussion over THC was the main reason why it took this long to legalize CBD in the United States. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a highly psychoactive substance which creates all the experiences that we all relate to when we smoke or chew on marijuana edible; this means the delusions and intoxication!

People had and still have the notion that CBD is the same as the joint you roll; no different! But the fact is set straight that CBD is merely a fish of a much bigger sea, namely marijuana. CBD does not come with the baggage of the intoxication of feelings of ‘high’ when consumed.

Even though there are many such cannabinoids in marijuana or hemp, the real reason why CBD has stood out from the bunch is purely because of what all it can do, and how well it is able to do it!

The purely therapeutic drug acts as a great relaxant to help calm down patients who may be on the verge of a panic attack or simply a stressful day of work from which they may need to chill out from. CBD is the perfect companion for those who have to deal with chronic illnesses like arthritis which cause sudden and intense bouts of pain at a moment’s notice. The CBD dulls out the pain receptors at the joint or area of pain, helping patients better bare the anguish.

We can go on talking about the ways in which CBD can help you, but our prime focus is on how it will help take care of your wedding anxieties!

CBD And Wedding Anxiety

Anxiety is something that every one of us has to go through; some do it better than others. The jitters that one gets right as they near the much awaited date on the calendar is something that you can only experience and rarely explain. An event of your life that you have known would come is finally standing right outside, on your door mat.

CBD is however a way for you to fight these jitters, in a safe & natural way! No need to pop in aspirin pills anymore and ruin your health.

The Hard Truth

CBD is researched and proven to help alleviate anxiety. The 2011 study showed how good of a job CBD did for those who were suffering from social anxiety disorder and were asked to come up on stage and speak before an audience.

A review in 2015, found conclusive supporting evidence from 49 other studies in how CBD can be used as a treatment for generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder and panic stress disorder.

A 2019 study used CBD to treat sleeplessness and anxiety in a group of people and found that as much as 4 in 5 people showed reduced anxiety and as much as 70% of the group reported much deeper and intense sleep.

These are undeniable scientific evidences that cement the fact that CBD is the perfect friend for you to help you take care of your sudden wedding anxieties.

How CBD Helps You Reduce Your Wedding Anxiety

CBD works by simply interacting with a key system in your body, called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. This system is linked to many other functions like sleep, appetite, cardiovascular, immune system to name a few. The CBD molecules react with reaction sites or neuro receptors linked to your nervous system to produce a host of effects. CBD proactively works to increase the supply of serotonin in the body, the chemical that plays a key role in your mood, behaviour and digestion. This is also what antidepressants do, but CBD does it in a much better and safer way.

You can feel your body relaxing after intaking CBD. Your stress and anxiety of the impending wedding day will simply melt; telling your body to slow down and take it easy. Your muscles will release the pent-up tension, your shoulders drop and your face relaxes. Your body will slowly ease into a relaxed Zen-like state, readying itself for the much needed sleep.

Even the quality of sleep as a result of ingesting CBD is much better as well. You will experience deeper sleep cycles, and chances of you walking up in the middle of the night, with a cold sweat on the brow as a result of nightmare will lessen as well.

What this all means is that you will emerge from your bed the next morning, completely rested and stretching, knowing all too well that CBD is the sole reason for you to have gotten the sleep you got!

How To Benefit From CBD For Anxiety

There are several ways in which you can reap in the benefits of CBD for anxiety. These include:

Inhalation: Vape pens and bongs can be used to inhale the CBD. Make use of vape pens to allow for easy mobility and relief on-the-go. They are quite easy to use and can be carried in your back pocket.

There are a variety of flavours and aromas to choose from, with some of them quite interesting and unique.

Edibles: Awaken your inner child with a couple of CBD infused gummy bears. The best thing about CBD is how easily it can be incorporated in your everyday cooking and foods, from pastas to chocolate; take your pick!

Oral Drops: These are much more effective than edibles, and insists of you to squirt a drop of the CBD oil right under your tongue. Hold it there for a minute and simply swallow the contents. You will rest assured to be in a more peaceful state of mind, and you will slip into nirvana the minute you go under your sheets.

Creams & Lotion: These involve you simply taking generous portions of the lotion/cream and applying the same on your temples or forehead, especially if you have a headache. The soothing action of the CBD in the lotions will sing you an imaginary lullaby and make you sink into your pillows.

These are some of the proven and tested ways in which you can enjoy the benefits that CBD has to offer. You may even use a combination of 2 ways to better get the effect you seek. Do pay attention to take within the prescribed dosage!

Things To Take Care Of Before Trying CBD For Anxiety

Wedding season can be trying time, but make sure that you visit a doctor before you indulge yourself in CBD. Doctor will tell you exactly how much to take, and what medication you should mix it with, to give you the best possible experience you can have with CBD.

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