Propose with Colored Diamonds This Valentine’s Day

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Valentines Day Engagement Rings
Valentines Day Engagement Rings

Valentine’s Day is the time of the year in which couples share their romance and love in the form of gifts, flowers, and chocolates. It is also the best time of the year for a man to propose to his beloved women and also to enter into a new phase of their life. Since diamonds play a major role in binding two unmarried people together, the significance of diamond during Valentine’s Day cannot be ignored.

Even though most people are waiting for Valentine’s Day to propose their beloved, they might not have much idea on how to propose and which would be the best ring. There are several varieties of valentines day engagement rings available in the market, and choosing the best from them is a hard task. Presently, colored diamonds are more trending in the market than colorless diamonds. Therefore, it would be ideal to choose the colored diamond valentines day engagement rings and the best two colors that are suited for the occasion are as follows.

The Pink Diamond

The pink color symbolizes romance and passion and this makes the pink diamonds a perfect choice for valentine’s day. since pink diamonds are available in different variants depending on the depth of the color, there are several options for the people to choose the best stone that matches the taste of their loved one. The faint pink colored stones will be more suited for someone who prefers a classic style and the orange-pink shades are the best choice for those preferring fashion. The intense pink diamonds are suited for every person because, it has such an elegant look to draw the attention of any crowd.

The Brown Diamond

Brown diamonds are one of the most unique colored diamonds that are naturally found in earth. Even though there are so many shades available within the segment of brown diamonds, the chocolate brown diamond is the best choice for valentines day engagement rings because it adds sweetness to the occasion like a piece of chocolate. The reddish-brown diamonds are the most expensive and the rarest variant of brown diamonds since it is a mixture of both cherry red and chocolate brown shades. Since the brown diamond symbolizes sweetness and pink symbolize love, the blend of a pink and brown diamond is one of the best choices for engagement rings since it symbolizes the eternal sweetness in the relation.

While choosing an engagement ring for Valentine’s Day, a person should not only consider the color of the stone, but also the shape of the diamond. Since the heart shape has a lot of significance, it would be ideal if the chosen stone is also in the shape of a heart.

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