The Best Ways To Store Liquor At Home

You might probably have a small collection of hard liquor at your home and storing them can be really difficult, especially if you are living in a small apartment. Most people use a bar cart for storing their liquors but it is not always practical.

Here are some important things to consider when storing liquor at home.

Keep It Safe

Safety is one of the main and obvious things to consider while storing liquor in your home. Always make sure to keep the liquor away from direct sunlight. The Ultraviolet rays can damage your liquor and can even change its color.

Hard liquors like vodka, rum, whiskey, etc. should be stored at room temperature. You should keep it away from your oven and freezer. It is ok to freeze your gin and tequila before drinking. Alcohol will stay good for years until you open it. The liquor will begin to oxidize once you open it and that will lessen the flavors over time.

Store The Liquor In A Secure Place

Most of the liquors come in glass bottles and it is absolutely necessary to store them in a place where the bottles will not fall off and break. The best place to store your liquor is a high shelf with rails. You can also store liquor in a utility cart that has protective sides. Here are some easy tips for storing liquor at home.

Store In A Chic Tray

Storing liquor in a chic tray gives an elegant and classic look. You can display the tray of liquor on the kitchen counter, vanity, or a side table. You can also use a small, unused shelving unit for storing your liquor bottles, glasses, and cocktail mixers.

Store In Open Kitchen Shelves

Most people use the open shelves in the kitchen and dining rooms for storing glassware. But most often it is unattractive. Adding liquor bottles to the glassware will give a fancy look for the shelves. Many people turn their beautiful wine rack into a cool liquor display.

Display Liquor Among Books

Storing your liquor among the books means you can showcase your liquor and book collection. Your bookshelf is a convenient storage spot for liquor and also it makes a unique decorative addition to the bookshelf.

Build A Liquor Cabinet

Most people want designated storage space for their liquor bottles, which are unique, crafty, and functional. Building your own liquor cabinet allows you to customize it to your preference.

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